Nursing Sister Jessie Madeline Elliott

Nursing Sister Jessie Madeline Elliott served with the Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1. She is entitled to the 1914-15 Star, the British War medal and the Victory medal.

Born in June 1888 in Toronto, Ontario

Trade : nurse        Status : single    Religion : Baptist

Height : 5′ 3″       Eyes : blue            Hair : dark

Weight : 125 lbs.
Name of her father : William Henry Elliott                                    Address : 4 Maple eve, Rosedale, Toronto
Name of her husband : William Easson Brown, physician         Address :10 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario

January 26th 1915 : Appointed Nursing Sister

February 8th : Sailed from Canada on SS Zealand and docked in Liverpool. She signed her enlistment paper in London, England on February 24th. She was a good friend of nursing sister Helen Fowlds and she is mentioned several time in her letters from February 1915 until the end of March of the same year. In those letters she is described as the Holly’s type and a straight person. From the information in the letters it is possible that she share her room with nursing sister Margaret M. Rose.

March 19th : Posted with the 2nd Canadian General Hospital. All the nursing sisters arrived that day to open the Hospital in Le Treport

October 2nd : Attached with the 2nd Canadian General Hospital in Abbeville

October 24 : Transferred from the 7th B.G.H. to the 3rd B.S.H. in Rouen

10 days permission from February 5th, 1916 to the 14th.

October 25th 1916: 14 days permission

January 22nd : Received her order to proceed to England from the 2 C.G.H.. Proceeded on January 25th. Posted with the 16th Canadian General Hospital in Orpington on January 26th.

January 31st, 1917 : Posted in the London, England area.

Returned to Canada on February 2nd onboard SS Missanabe

April 17th : Returned to the 16th Canadian General Hospital in Orpington.

October 5th : Returned to the 16th Canadian General Hospital in Orpington on

Hospitalised from 7th to the 18th of January 1918 at the Westcliffe Eyes and Ears Hospital for tonsilitis.

January 24th : Granted a leave until February 1st by the medical board

February 13th : She resigned her commission

November 10th, 1919 she received her War Service gratuity from the army, it was addressed to Mrs. Jessie Madeline Brown 10 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario

Probably buried in Hamilton cemetery, Ontario

January 26th, 1915 : Appointed nursing sister.Hamilton cemetery

If you know more information on this lady, please leave me message so I can add it to her small biography

From right to left : Nursing sister Jessie Madeline Elliot, Nursing sister Margaret M. Rose, Nursing sister Lena I. Boy, Captain John Parnell Walsh, Nursing sister Bernadette Loneragau and Nursing sister Rachel Jone
Picture taken SS Zealand on route to England (February 1915)
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  • Deborah Lovegrove  On 2019/05/02 at 09:59

    The actual names on the picture are Nursing sister Lena I BOYD, Nursing sister Bernadette LONERAGAN and Nursing sister Rachel JONES. I have the names from the Canadian military archives.

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