Captain John George Duncan Campbell V.D.

Captain John George Duncan Campbell served with the Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1 and WW2. He is entitled to the British War Medal, the Victory Medal, the King George VI Coronation Medal, Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officer’s Decoration, Canadian Volunteer Service Medal (no clasp) and the War Medal 1939-1945

1901 Census of Canada in Halifax Ward No. 5, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Father : George born June 8 1861                   Mother : Jean born January 30 1867
Brother : Donald W. M born October 8 1896

Born on March 13th, 1894  in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Trade : doctor       Religion : Presbyterian            Status : Married

Height : 5′ 11″         Weight : 160 lbs.         Eyes : blue       Hair : hazel

Name of his father : Dr. George M. Campbell

Address : 407 Rue Brunswick, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Name of his wife : Dorothie M Campbell

November 2nd, 1914 : Enlisted ad a provisionary lieutenant while studying at Dalhousie university in medicine. He did his internship at Victoria general in Halifax. His specialties were podiatric and obstetric. Enlisted in the CEF in Halifax on January 21st, 1917.

December 23rd 1916 : Graduated from Dalhousie university

February 2nd, 1917 : Promoted to the rank of lieutenant in the Canadian Army Medical Corps.

March 28th  : Sailed from Halifax on SS Lapland on , arrived in Liverpool on April 7th.

April 13th : Sent to France with the 42nd British Field Hospital.

June 8th : Transferred from the D.A.D.M.S. Staff Shoreham to the 13th Reserve battalion as medical officer.

September 6th : Transferred to the C.A.M.C. depot and then with the 13th Reserve battalion.

December 10th : Transferred to the Convalescent Hospital in Epsom.

December 22nd : Promoted to captain.

March 27th, 1918  : Struck of strength from the Convalescent Hospital to be sent to the A.D.M.S. Shorncliffe

April 13th : Proceeded overseas from A.D.M.S. Shorncliffe and arrived in France with the 2nd Canadian Stationary Hospital.

July 21st : Transferred to the CAMC on July 20th. Posted with the 1st Canadian Field Ambulance.

September 7th : Transferred to the 4th battalion

September 23rd : Rejoined the 1st Canadian Field Ambulance

November 17th : Transferred to the 4th battalion

March 22nd : Transferred to England (medical officer at Croydon airport)

April 11th, 1919 : Transferred to the 12th Canadian General Hospital in Bramshott

Transferred at the 12th Canadian General Hospital on May 27th.

Sailed from South Hampton, England on June 14th on board the S.S. Aquitania (sailing list 85), arrived in Halifax on June 20th. He was on the same ship as Mary Catherine English.

December 29th : Demobilised as the Medical Officer of the 4th Battalion

February 2nd, 1920 : Transferred to the Reserve Forces

July 1st, 1921 : Posted at the 7th Stationary hospital. According to the web site of the 33rd Medical cie in Halifax, the 7th Stationary Hospital was redesignated 22nd Field Ambulance in 1920

1922 and 1923 : Listed in the Halifax directory as living at 575 Robie
1923 : Contracted polio both legs were affected but his left leg partially recovered and remained weak.
1923 : appointed medical consultant for military district #6 and held that position until 1940

October 3rd, 1927. Promoted to major and transferred to the 22nd Field Ambulance

September 22nd, 1932 : Promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel

March 28th , 1933 : Recommended for the Colonial auxiliary forces officer’s decoration (G.O 65)

June 1st, 1935 : Promoted commanding officer of the 22nd Field Ambulance

1937 : received the Coronation medal (lieutenant colonel with the 22nd Field Ambulance)

June 1st, 1939 : Appointed Deputy district Medical Officer for the Military district no 6

August 27th : Taken on strength with the regular Forces
January 19th, 1940 : Transferred to the Regular army and promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel
July 18th : Promoted to colonel and posted as the commanding officer of the General Hospital in Debert

August 1st, 1941 : Posted as the commanding officer of the General Hospital in Borden

May 1st, 1943 : Posted as the commanding officer of the General Hospital in Debert

April 30th, 1946 : Attached to the 6th depot in Halifax
May 15th : Posted as the commanding officer of the General Hospital in Halifax
Retired on October 4th, 1946  Last known address : 75 Edward Street, Halifax

from the Halifax directory
1949 : Listed as pension medical examiner Department Veteran’s affair, address 18 Summer
1950 : His son (Post Office clerk) is in the Halifax directory for first time, address 18 Summer,
1956, 1957 and 1958 : listed as physician living with Dorothie at 18 Summer, Halifax, last time his
name is in the Halifax directory (1958)
1960 : Only his son is listed at 18 Summer

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography

1937 Coronation medal card


Graduation picture from Dalhousie University (Captain Campbell is top row – first to the left)


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