Nursing Sister Margaret C. Delaney

Although Margaret C Delaney did not serve with the Canadian Army Medical Corps, she was one of the very Canadian women who went to Europe during WW1 as a trained nurse. She worked for the St-John Ambulance and served under the British Red Cross like all other St-John Ambulance personnel. She is entitled to the British War Medal and the Service Medal of the Order of St-John with two clasps. After the war she continued serving with the St-John Ambulance in Canada

Born in on August 1th, 1893 in Nova, Scotia

Information from the 1901 census taken in Ward No. 3, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Father : William Delaney born July 28th 1863
Mother : Mary Delaney born February 7th 1861
Brother : William Delaney born March 14th 1888
Brother : Patrick Delaney born July 11th 1891
Sister : Agnes Delaney born June 18th 1897
Sister : Frances Delaney born July 24th 1900

March 1915 : Joined the Order of St-John as a nursing sister with the Canadian Pacific Railway nursing division
February 1918 : On active service
March 25th : Enlisted as a paid nurse with the British Red Cross from the C.P.R.N. Division no 8
November 5th  : Posted to the War Hospital in Reading

May 6th, 1919 : Demobilised with the British Red Cross.  She gave Agnes street, Winnipeg as her address
November 18th, 1919 : Left the St-John Ambulance Brigade

Not with the brigade from 1920 to 1924

1924 : Rejoined with the Fort Garry nursing division
December 3rd, 1928 : Became the Secretary treasurer of the division
December 31st, 1935 : Received the Service Medal of the Order of St-John (St-John Ambulance Long Service Medal)
October 1st, 1936 : Appointed Lady Division Superintendent
December 29th, 1937 : Transferred to the Canadian Pacific Railway nursing division
September 1st, 1940 : Appointed Lady District officer – Manitoba
June 18th, 1941 : Awarded her first bar medal (17 years of service)
November 13th, 1945 : Awarded her second bar (22 years of service)
March 1st, 1949 : On the reserve list

If you know more information on this lady, please leave me message so I can add it to her small biography

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