Captain Aubrey Vernon Greaves

Captain Aubrey Vernon Greaves served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1. He is entitlted to the British War medal and the Victory medal.

Born on January 6th 1886 in British West Indies, Barbados
Trade : physician                         Religion : Anglican
Status : single                                Height : 5′ 9″
Eyes : Grey                                     Weight : 140 lbs.

Name of his mother : Henriette Greaves                  Name of his father : Frances Wood Greaves
Address of both: Bloomsbury, St Thomas Barbados W.I.
1906 : Moved to Toronto

1910 : Enrolled at the University of Toronto in medicine

1911 : Canadian census taken in Toronto – living in Toronto ward no 7

May 1916 : Received his M.B. from the University of Toronto
Enlisted on December 26th in Toronto, Canada. Prior to his enlistment he served for 9 years in the 2nd regiment Queen Own Rifles

From the University of Toronto monthly periodical
’16 M. The marriage took place in Halifax of Aubrey Vernon Greaves and Alys Gentle, of Dundee, Scotland.

Embarked in Halifax March 26th, 1917. Arrived in Liverpool on April 7th and posted to Westenhanger.
May 21st : Posted at the Canadian hospital in Etchinghill
August 6th : He was elected on the mess committee
August 25th : Took over the duty of registrar of the unit. He was responsible for the war diary of the unit
September 12th : Named quartermaster during the leave Q.M. Lawton (leave from Sept. 12th until Dec. 9th)
September 14th : Replace lieutenant Boreham (who was sick) as the adjutant of the hospital in the interim
September 18th : Proceeded to Folkstone with the hospital for auditor inspection
September 20th : Relieved as the quartermaster by Lieutenant Hogg
October 17th : He was replaced as the registrar of the hospital
October 26th : Assigned to the task of the Medical officer of the unit
Promoted temporary captain on November 16th with the effect from January 1st, 1917. London Gazette 9-11-17
November 21st : Made a presentation at the Etchinghill clinical society on “A case of pustular syphilide”
December 5th : Made a lecture at the Hospital clinical Society on “Common cutaneous manifestion of syphillis”
December 13th : Went for an audit board with the hospital book
December 17th : Defended the accused Pte Sargeant at Dibgate camp
End of December : he was probably replaced as the registrar of the unit, there is no mention of it in the logbook but the writing style is different and we do not see his initials or signature after that date.

May 15th, 1918 : An eyes exam revealed that he “has compound myopic astigmatism right and left…glasses have been ordered and will be forwarded to him on their arrival”

June 23rd : Proceeded to France from Canadian Hospital in Etchinghill

August 17th : Transferred from the 5th CFA to 29th Cdn Bn for temporary duty. (Daily Orders notebook 5th CFA)
August 29th : Returning to the 5th CFA from temporary duty with the 29th Cdn Bn

September 2nd : Posted with the 11th Canadian Field Ambulance. Proceeded to Vancourt to assist walking wounded cases. He Rejoined the unit on September 5th

September 13th : Struck of strength of the 11th C.F.A. and rejoined the 5th Canadian Field Ambulance

September 26th : Sent to the 1st  British Casualties Clearing Station. Returned on October 5th

October 17th : Transferred from the 5th CFA to 6th Battalion Canadian Engineer for temporary duty for temporary duty. (Daily Orders notebook 5th CFA)

November 4th : Struck of strength of the 5th CFA and permanently attached to 6th Battalion Canadian Engineer (auth ADMS 1-8/6081 a/2/11/18 (Daily Orders notebook 5th CFA)

December 19th : Proceeded on leave. Returned from leave January 11th, 1919. He was on the nominal roll of officer for the 6th Bn Canadian Engineers for the month of January and February

April 13th, 1919: Proceeded to England

April 14th to 25th : On command with 6th Bn Canadian Engineers

April 25th : Posted to Canadian Special Hospital Etchinghill

Embarked on SS Corsican on August 8th. Discharged in Toronto on October 18th.

1922 – 1925 : Returned to the University of Toronto to study Internal medicine

1925 : Joined Colonial Medical Service

1929 : Diploma Tropical Medicine from Liverpool – he received a plaque upon graduation

Picture of the obverse and the reverse of the plaque



1930 : Appointed Director of the Pathological Institute at Honk Kong University

May 21st 1932 : His article The use of Takayama’s solution in the identification of blood stains is published in the British medical journal

January 31st, 1933 : One of his article Perforative amœbic ulceration of the appendix (Vol. 26, Issue 4, Pages 397-400) in published in the Tropical and medicine hygiene

June 13th 1934 : Port of Departure: Left Boston, Massachusetts on the ship Lady Nelson and arrived in Boston, Massachusetts  Residence: Hong Kong, China

1941 (probably around December 24th) : He was part Nursing detachment of the Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps. Interned by the Japanese at the Stanley Camp

1943 : Came back to Toronto to work with doctor Fred Tisdale (pionner in infant nutrition). During that period he also worked with RCAF project on vitamin C

January 1947  : Port of Departure: Left Hong Kong on the ship General William H Gordon and arrived San Francisco in January. Destination: Blaine wash, Canada
Last Residence: Hong Kong, China

January 16th, 1957 : A request was made for his Record of service.

1971 : Died

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  • Ann Reade  On 2020/02/03 at 05:24

    His wife was Alice Gentle (Scotlands People records) not Alys although her name was misspelled on passenger lists

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