Nursing Sister Annie Clarke Crerar De Wolfe

Nursing Sister Annie Clarke Crerar De Wolfe served with the Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1. She is entitled to the British War medal only as she served only in United Kingdom.

Born on June 21st, 1893 in Halifax, Nova Scotia
Trade: nurse                          Religion: Presbyterian
Status: Single                         Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 145 lbs.
Name of her father: Fred De Wolfe                  Address: 3rd Cherry street Halifax

February 15th, 1918: She signed her enlistment paper in Montreal, Canada

March 10th : Posted with the 14th Canadian General Hospital. Arrived with the unit on the 17th

November 5th : Granted 14 days leave

December 17th : Struck of strength of the unit and sent to the 9th Canadian General Hospital

February 26th, 1919 : Admitted 9th Canadian General Hospital. Discharged on March 5th.

July 4th : Struck of strength of the 16th Canadian general Hospital

July 7th : Taken on strength with the 9th Canadian General Hospital

July 28th : Embarked on R.M.S. Adriatic. Arrived in Halifax on August 5th.

August 13th : Demobilized

September 25th, 1928 : Medals despatched to her at 4409 8th avenue Vancouver, British Columbia
Extra information taken from

Capt. William Grant Crerar who was born12 August, 1821 in Pictou and died on 2 April 1898 in Glenalmond, Pictou. He was married to Mary Fennell who was born in1819 and died on 26 May 1856

William died at Glenalmond on 2 April 1898, at the age of 67, and was buried in the Laurel Hill Cemetery [Pictou Advocate, 8 April 1898, p.7: obituary]. In his will he was generous to his relatives, exonerating John Crerar of Chicago of his debt incurred, and giving copious amounts of money to family members, especially to his niece Annie Clarke (Crerar) DeWolfe.

Annie Clarke Crerar born 21 March 1868, Nova Scotia – died 25 June 1892 Halifax married Fred T. De Wolfe. Annie had a short and sad life. On 17 September 1891, she married Fred T. De Wolfe, “In the St.Andrew’s Church (Kirk) in Pictou, on the 17 inst. by Rev. R. Atkinson, assisted by Rev. W.Calder, uncle of the groom,” [The Enterprise, 19 Sept. 1891]. In 1894 Fred was a coach salesman for De Wolfe, Son & Co., N.W. Common, Halifax. In 1892, they had their only child, “Nan” Ann Clark Crerar DeWolfe, who died at a young age of a medicinal overdose. Ann herself would perish in childbirth, in Halifax in 1898. She was buried in the Haliburton Cemetery Crerar plot under a small headstone marked “Annie 1892”. Her grave inscription reads “We shall meet over the river.” Her widower husband would later marry again, and is buried elsewhere (probably Mountain view cemetery in New Westminster, British Columbia). In 1921 Fred lived at 3543-8th West Avenue, Vancouver, and was the informant for J.E. Carson’s death. He probably died on May 21th, 1948 in New Westminster, British Columbia

A 1923 letter from J.P. Crerar to Olivia DeWolfe makes clear that Nan was alive and married at that time. “Nan” Ann Clark Crerar DeWolfe (born 1892 – died after 1923)

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