Lieutenant – Colonel Elzéard Hurtubise E.D.

Lieutenant-Colonel Elzéard Hurtubise served in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps between the World Wars. He never served abroad and he is entilted to the Efficiency Decoration.

Born on May 6th 1887 in Ste Anne de Prescott, Ontario

1901 : Canadian census taken in Prescott, Ontario
Father : Joseph                 Mother : Casildie            Brother : Raoul

Brother : Romeo               Brother :  Joseph            Brother :  Henry
Sister : Valentine               Sister : Aurore                 Sister : Dora

Sister : Leonie

1911 : Canadian census taken in ward St-Louis, Montréal, Québec (University student)

from 1913 to 1959 he lived on 2562 (until 1919) and it became 6043 Christophe-Colomb

Trade : doctor

1925 : Signed the prelude of the book Un Effort mutualiste by Adrien Froment

March 5th, 1928 : Received the Médaille d’honneur Or from Conseil d’administration de la Société Républicaine d’Encouragement au Dévouement

1928 : Listed on the Board of directors of Makamic Mines and as Head Medical Doctor, Montreal Tramways Co.

May 29th, 1932 : He organized a concert at la salle des Artisans Canadiens-Français for the first concert for the Quatuor Alouette which was a prominent band for Quebec folklore music.

He served with the 20th Field ambulance in Montréal for an unknow period

from 1951 to 1955 : Listed in Lovell directory as vice-president of Laboratoire Nadeau

November 27th, 1961 : Died – Obituary from La Presse Tuesday November 28th, 1961 page 51
Hurtubise (Elzéar) À Montréal le 27 Novembre 1961, à l’âge de 74 ans est décédé le Lieutenant-colonel Elzéar Hurtubise M.D. époux de feu Jeanne Bédard demeurant à 44 Glencol, Outremont. Les funérailles auront lieu jeudi le 30 courant. Le convoi funèbre partira du salon Société coopérative de Frais funéraires 4848 Papineau à 8h30 pour se rendre à l’Église St-Germain d’Outremont où le service funéraire sera célébré à 9hres et de là au Cimetière Côte des neiges lieu de sépulture. Parents et amis sont priés d’y assister sans autre invitation.

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November 30th : Buried in Cote des neiges cemetery lot 00879 G section H. His wife died near September 6th, 1960

If you know additional information on this gentleman, please leave me a comment so I can add the information to his small biography

Lieutenant-Colonel Elzéard Hurtubise gravestone


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