Captain Duncan Aeneas MacGregor

Captain Duncan Aeneas MacGregor served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1. He is entitled to the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

He was born on April 15th 1878 in Riceville Ontario

1901 Canadian census taken in Plantagenet, Prescott county
Father: James              Mother: Isabella          Sister: Maria
Brother : John             Sister: Margaret          Brother: Charles
Sister: Marie

May 27th, 1904 : He graduated from medicine school (Bishop and McGill University)

1911 and 1916 Census: He is listed as a medical doctor in the village of Forget, Saskatchewan.

He enlisted on April 1st, 1917 in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

Trade : medical doctor       religion : Roman Catholic      Status : single

Eyes : Grey          Hair : Grey       Height : 5′ 11″   Weight : 175 lbs.
Name of his mother : Mrs. James MacGregor     Address of both: Riceville, Ontario

April 8th : Attached to the 229th battalion and left Saskatchewan
April 16th : Sailed from Canada on SS Northland.

He arrived in England on April 30th and he was taken on strength with the 19th Reserve battalion

July 8th : He was taken on strength with CAMC Westhanger

August 24th :  He was taken on strength at Hospital Etchenghill

October 5th, 1918 : He was transferred to France

July 7th, 1919 : He was taken on strength at the 16th Canadian General Hospital

June 9th : He sailed from England on SS Orduna. September 17th : Discharged in Ottawa, Ontario

April 19th,1921 : Registered in the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario
Address : 413 Jackson Building (on Bank near Lisgar)

1928 : He closed his medical practice located at 102 Bank street in Ottawa to move to Barry’s Bay

October 15th, 1935 : He died at Barry’s Bay, Ontario (from the Canadian Medical journal V. 33 1935)

If you know additional information on this gentleman, please leave me a comment so I can add the information to his small biography

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  • Darcy Hickson  On 2013/04/15 at 09:51

    Dr. Duncan MacGregor was the medical practitioner in the Village of Forget, Sask. He appears on the 1911 and 1916 Census forms. The link for the 1916 census is here: (he is on line 23)

  • Medic  On 2013/04/15 at 12:41

    Thanks for the information, I will update his small bio in the coming days

  • maureen  On 2013/09/01 at 12:03

    this is so interesting. This is my great uncle and i would love to know who was kind enough to write this article?

  • Medic  On 2013/09/01 at 21:39

    I did, all the information here is from his WW1 service file, canadian census, medical journal.

    If you have more information or pistures on your great-uncle, you can send it me and I will add it here

    my email is

  • Al Smith  On 2015/07/21 at 20:51

    Dr. Duncan MacGregor was my grandfather ‘s (Charles MacGregor) brother.
    He died 1935 in Barry’s Bay. Is he buried there. We’re having a family reunion over the Aug. 1 – 3 weekend. It would be nice to add some info about him.
    He was married I believe. My mother used to speak about Aunt Ida as Uncle Duncan’s wife…..any info on her ?

  • Al Smith  On 2015/07/28 at 17:34

    Dr. Duncan MacGregor married Flora McKay.

  • Nelson  On 2015/07/30 at 19:12

    Al do you have the date of their wedding

  • Al Smith  On 2015/08/13 at 20:52

    I do not know the date of their wedding.

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