Nursing Sister Mabel Clint A.R.R.C.

Nursing Sister Mabel Clint served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1. She is entitled to the Royal Red Cross 2nd class, the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

She was born in Québec on June 21st, 1876

In 1910  She was appointed the Executive Secretary of the Association of Registered Nurses for Quebec.

Before enlisting she worked at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal

She enlisted in Quebec on September 25th, 1914

Height : 5′ 4″
Mother : Caroline Clint       Address : 89 Esplanade Street, Quebec City, Quebec

She sailed from Canada September 29th.

Sent to the 1st Canadian General Hospital in Boulogne on May 13th, 1915

Sent back to England on August 3rd

August 1st : Sailed to Malta then to Alexandria en route to the Aegean sea.

August 16th : Reached the Port of Mudros on the Greek Island of Lemnos.

August 22nd : The 3rd Canadian Stationary Hospital became operational on the island and they received their first patient at 10:00 am.

The hospital was part of a relief effort sent to help overcrowded Anzac medical services who could not take the large influx of wounded soldiers from the Gallipoli campaign which was getting worst. The Canadian Hospital was hastily sent to the island and they not prepared to served under these conditions. Many of its members felt hill to disentry, some even died on the island.

He was there at the same time as Nursing Sister Mary Catherine English, John William Small, and Nursing Sister Mary Frances Elizabeth Munro

Hospitalised for dysentary on September

February 5th 1916 : The 3rd Canadian Stationary Hospital left the Island of Mudros and arrived in Alexandria, Egypt on February 8th.

Hospitalised at the Anglo-American Hospital in Cairo on February 2nd,  1916

On February 26th : she was dangerously hill

Sent back to Canada for a permission from June 6th to August 6th

She was declared medically unfit on November 8th

She received the Royal Red Cross 2nd class on February 23rd, 1917 (London Gazette 29959)

She was transferred to the 3rd Canadian general Hospital on December 3rd, 1918

Permission from March 27th to April 18th, 1919

She was transferred to the 11th Canadian General Hospital on March 6th

She sailed to Canada on May 23rd, 1919 on the ship SS Megantic

1928 : She wrote a letter to the Prime minister of Quebec asking him not to give more power the Quebec doctor’s association

1934 : She wrote the book Our bites Memories of war service by a Canadian Nursing Sister

She died March 17th, 1939

If you know additional information on this lady, please leave me a comment so I can add the information to her small biography

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  • Jean  On 2017/11/11 at 12:36

    Mabel Clint was actually 5 feet 11 inches: exceptionally tall for the era. When she re-enlisted after her bout with phlebitis, she was also unusually heavy: somewhere between 185 and 190 pounds !


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