Private William Pettengell M.I.D.

Private William Pettengell M.I.D. served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1. He is entitled to the 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory medals. His enlistment number 1384

Born on February 1st, 1889 in Rayston, Herts, England
Trade : carpenter         Religion : Congregationalist

Status : single              Height : 5’6″                  Eyes : grey

Hair: black          Weight : 165 lbs.
Name of his mother : Rebecca Pettengell

Address : 82 Walsworth Road, Hitchis

Enlisted on “C ” section in the 4th Canadian Field Ambulance on September 20th, 1914 in Calgary.
Date of departure from training camp (Valcartier, Quebec) to Canadian port (Quebec) April 14th.
Date of departure from Canada : April 18th from Halifax, Nova Scotia on SS Northland
Date of arrival at English port (Avonmouth) : 5:00 April 29th.
“We entrained and then an hour later left. Arriving at Sandling Camp, where we marched from Westhanger Station, at 16h00 Here we lived in wood and sheet made huts until May 10th when we moved to Dibgate Camp… They were short of wagons, horses besides a good deal of ordonnances.
Dilgate Camp Inspection 2nd Division by ; Major-general Steele on July 16th. Sir Robert Borden, premier of Canada and Major General Sam Hughes on July 17th. the King, Field Marshall Lord Kitchener and the Secretary of War on September 2nd.

Date of departure from Training Camp (Dilgate Camp) in England
Night of September 12th and 13th. Entrained at Shorncliffe, went via South Hampton.
Crossed the English Channel night of the 13th to the 14th.
Arrived in Havre, France at 5:00 on the 14th. Name of the ship unknown.
The unit entrained in Havre on September 15th, at 1:30, train left at 5:30..
Unit arrived in Wizernes at 7:30 p.m they heard artillery shots for the first time.

Unit left at 13:00 on September 16th marching toward Werkyn. They arrived at 16:30
Unit took over the 84th Field Ambulance in Boesheppe on September 20th, 1915.

Received the Good Conduct Badge on November 21st, 1916.

Proceed to leave January 15th, 1917. Returned to unit on January 27th.

Admitted at the 6th Canadian Field Ambulance on April 27th, 1917. Evacuated at the Casualty Clearing Station via the 13th British Field Ambulance on April 27th 1917. Diagnostic : Pyrexia of Unknown Origin. Admitted at the #7 Convalescent Depot, Boulogne on April 30th, 1917.

Returned with the 4th Canadian Field Ambulance on May 20th, 1917.

Mention in Despatches on June 7th, 1918 (London Gazette 30406 May 28th, 1918).

Unit report on May 28th, 1918. “Honour and awards. The following have been mentioned in despatches by Sir Douglas Haig, for gallant and distinguished conduct in the field NO 1432 CPL THOMAS O.E. and NO 1384 PTE PETTENGELL W.J. “It is a great satisfaction to all members of the Unit that these two were mentioned, for they have rendered excellent and untiring service to the unit.”

Unit moved to St Syhorien on November 11th.
Unit moved to Peronnes Lez Binche on November 18th.
Unit moved to Courcelles on November 21st.
The unit crossed the German border on December 4th, 1918 at 11:40.
Permission of 14 days on December 27th, 1918.

Permission to marry on January 13th, 1919
Unit reached Bonn on December 15th. They were stationed there for the most part of the occupation.
They arrived in Havre, France on April 9th at 23:30 .The troop slept the reminder of the night in the train.
Embarked on the ship on April 11th. Arrived in South Hampton on April 12th, took the train and arrived in Witley at 15:00 on April 12th, 1919.

Demobilized in England on April 17th, 1919.
Address after demobilisation (address of his wife Annie Eleonor) :56 Ickleforn Road, Hitchins Herts

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

Private William Pettengell WW1 medals

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