Nursing Sister Letitia “Etta” Sparks

Nursing sister Sparks served with the Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1. She is one of the few women who died while serving her country at war in the Canadian army. She is entitled to the the British War medal and the Victory Medal.

Born on May 25th, 1879 in Ottawa, Ontario.

Enlisted on May 5th, 1915 in Kingston, Ontario.
Height : 5′ 8″         Weight : 175 lbs.    Religion : Methodist

Sent to the Island of Lemnos on July 27th, 1915 with the 2nd Canadian Stationary Hospital.
Sailed from Egypt on March 11th, 1916 and she was attached to the 16th British General Hospital.
On July 26th, 1917 she went to see a doctor :
Notes from the medical report «During the month of April she noticed a lump in her breast, it grown very fast and was causing her pains. She had a big ulcer and an oedema that was spread in the middle of her back. While on duty at the 7th Canadian General Hospital in France in April Last she noticed a swelling in right breast. This rapidly enlarged. Last two months has had considerable pain. She did not report sick till July 26th 1917, when she was evacuated to England. The right breast is compose of a large immovable mass, dark blue in colour and ulcerating in places, oedema has spread into the back. This case is inoperable. The board is of the opinion she is not in condition to be invalidated to Canada

Admitted to Kitchener military Hospital on August 9th, 1917.
Died from breast cancer on August 20th, 1917 at the age of 38 while at the Kitchener General Hospital.
Memorial Plaque and Scroll sent to her father : John Sparks de Britannia Bay, Ontario
Medals (British War medal, Victory medal) were sent to Sarah Gamble
Memorial Cross sent to her father, her mother died subsequently.
Buried in Brighton cemetery (bear road) Borough, Sussex, Royaume-Uni, ZIY. 95
Her Memorial Cross is at the National Archives in Ottawa (MIKAN # 137649)

Picture of her gravestone

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