Nursing Sister Ernestine Champagne

Nursing Sister Ernestine Champagne served with the Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1. She is one of the few women who died while serving her country at war in the Canadian army.

Born on January 27th, 1880 in Canada
Height : 5′ 2″         Weight : 90 lbs.   Religion : Roman Catholic

1901 and 1911 Canadian census : Listed as living in St-Eustache, Quebec

Enlisted in Montreal on March 23rd, 1915.
Taken on strength at 4th Canadian Stationary Hospital on July 28th, 1915.
First diagnosis of her illness November 6th, 1916. «She reported sick on October 25th, 1916 after a long period of poor health. Digestion.»
Extract from the medical report April 5th, 1918
«Signs of active tuberculosis on both lungs» Date of origin March 15th, 1917
Sent back to Canada on H.S. Letitia on May 11th, 1917
Demobilised on July 31st, 1918. Address after retirement 1978 Park Avenue, Montreal,
Awarded Medaille des Epidemies on January 16th, 1920 (1919). (London Gazette 31736)

Died on March 24th, 1919 at the age of 39.
WW1 trio, Plaque and Scroll were sent to her brother Adelard Champagne
Memorial Cross Her mother died subsequently
Father : Honourable judge Charles L. Champagne 1838-1907      Mother : Aglée Ethier 1844-1919
Sister : Ada Champagne 1863-1942       Brother : Evariste Champagne 1868-1955
Brother : Adelard Champagne 1867-1952     Brother : Arthur Champagne 1870- 1952
Brother : Eugene Champagne 1885 – 1959
Inscription on her tombstone «Infirmiere – Ernestine Champagne – Service de sante F E C – 24 mars 1919 – Decore par la France pour ses actions meritoires_
Note : According to her military file she received the Medailles des Epidemies in 1920 and died on March 20th 1920, but the inscription on her gravestone read that she died March, 24th 1919 and the decoration is mentioned, so she probably received the Medaille des Epidemies in 1919.
Buried in the cemetery on Saint-Alexandre street in Saint-Eustache, Quebec In the cemetery there is two gravestones with her name on it, one military style flattened on the ground with only her name and another, most surely on the family lot, with her brother, sister, father and mother on the gravestone. They are 60 feet apart.

If you know more information on this lady, please leave me message so I can add it to her small biography


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