Nursing Sister Minnie Asenath Follette

Nursing Sister Minnie Asenath Follette served as a Nursing Sister in the Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1. She is entitled to the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

She was born on November 11th, 1884 in Port Greville, Cumberland County, Canada.

Height : 5’5″              Weight : 125 lbs        Religion : Church of England

She enlisted in then Nursing Sister Army Corps (Permanent Forces) on November 11th, 1911

She enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces on September 25th, 1914 in Quebec, Quebec and posted with the 1st Canadian Casualty Station.

She sailed from Quebec City on September 22nd.

She was diagnosed with a nervous exhaustion on April 8th, 1916. She got two months of rest.

On June 5th she was not capable to return to her duties.

She was hospitalised at the 3rd Canadian General Hospital from bronchitis from march 22nd to April 6th, 1917.

Posted on the HMS Letitia on August 2nd.

Posted at the Ontario Military Hospital on October 5th.

Posted on the Llandovery Castle (Hospital ship) March 22nd, 1918.

She drowned in the sinking of the Llandovery Castle on June 27th at the age of 33.

Her medals (1914-15 Star, British War Medal, Victory Medal), Memorial Plaque and Scroll were sent to her father Oscar A. Follette

Her Memorial Cross was sent to her mother Lydia Follette

If you know additional information on this lady, please leave me a comment so I can add the information to her small biography.

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  • Lisa  On 2013/05/27 at 20:28

    Port Greville, Cumberland County is in Canada. Minnie Follette was a sister to my Great Grandmother Beatrice (Follette) Wilson.

  • Richard Dixon  On 2014/02/22 at 12:32

    Sister Follette together with Sister Tremaine and Sister Frew nursed my uncle, a private in the Seaforth Highlanders back to health in CCCS No 1 in 1915. I am currently reseaching my uncle’s diary and would welcome any information on these three sisters. I would very much like to obtain a photograph if at all possible.

  • Richard Dixon  On 2016/11/01 at 13:58

    I have done further reseach on Sister Frew. How do I send this to you? Plus a photograph of Sister Follette. I am very keen to obtain a photograph of Sister Frances Frew.

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