Royal Red Cross ceremony – February 23rd, 1917

On February 23rd 1917 a investiture ceremony for the Royal Red Cross was held at Buckingham Palace in London for some Canadian Nursing Sisters.

Those Nursing Sisters were present at the ceremony in Buckingham Palace (inforamtion from the Montreal Gazette February 24th 1917)

Those ladies received the Royal Red Cross 1st class (R.R.C.)
Marie Henriette Casault      Edith Rayside
Elizabeth Russel                    M Smith

Those ladies received the Royal Red Cross 2nd  class (A.R.R.C.)
Eva Lake Bell                           Ethel Boultbee
Christine Elizabeth                 Cameron Mabel Clint
Ella May Drysdale                  Muriel Shirecliffe Parker Ellis
Mary Catherine English        Helen Landers Fowlds
Helen Lander                          Agnes Mabel Gallop
Grace Alicia Gray                    Rebecca Hervey
Laura Holland                         Clara May Hood
Margaret Howe                       Annice May Johnston (Canadian Red Cross)
J Johnston                               Helena Augustine MacLaughlin
Marion Rose Marsh               George Hinch Mavety
Minnie McAffee                      Nellie Claire McCurdy
Agnes MacPherson                Cordelia M Motherwell
Emma Pense                           Jean Morton Roberston
Margaret Rose                        Ida B. Smith
Isabella Dora Strathy            Flora H Wylie

You can find, on this website, the story of the women whose name are highlighted in red in this post. You just have to click on their name.

Description of the ceremony from the book Our bit Memories of war services by a Canadian nursing sister by Mabel Clint pages 103 – 108

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