Nursing Sister Caroline Graham Green

Nursing Sister Caroline Graham Green served with the Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1. She is one of the few women who died while serving in the Canadian army for her country at war. She is entitled to the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. Her brother received the Memorial Plaque and the Memorial Scroll. I do not think that a Memorial Cross was issued to her mother.

Born on February 7th, 1891 in Saint-Thomas, Ontario

Enlisted on January 27th, 1916 in Toronto

Height : 5′ 6″                 Weight : 142 lbs.                 Church of England

Sailed from Canada on SS Metagama on June 22nd, 1916.

Posted at the Ontario Military Hospital in Orpington on April 11th, 1916.

Hospitalised from November 11th to December 13th at the hospital Bromley for diphtheria

Medical report December 15th «This nursing sister reported sick on 12 November 1916 and was admitted to an isolation Hospital st Bromley the same day ; was treated there till 13th of December 1916. The medical report states that she will require a long rest and avoid all exertion for the present Board recommend as noted below» 6 weeks leave

Medical report January 26th, 1917 «This nursing sister has improved while on leave. She states that she had a further throat infection while. Examined this day by Lt-Col Goldsmith of this board who finds that there is a general congestion of the upper respiratory track. There is a slight lack of motion of the right side of the soft palace, du probably to remains of toxic paresis from diphtheria . This will rapidly subside and is now associated largely with back of general nerve tone. Board therefore recommend as below» 3 weeks leave

Medical report February 10th «This nursing sister has now recovered and find congestion of the upper respiratory track has practically disappeared and there is now no evidence of any paresis of this palate. We recommend this Nursing sister for General Service.

Posted at the 16th Canadian General Hospital on November 12th, 1917.

Brought to the notice of the Secretary of War for Valuables Services rendered in connection with the war on August 10th, 1918.

Posted on the hospital ship on September 19th, 1918.

Hospitalised on February 28th, 1919 for influenza and debility

Embarked at Liverpool on March 24th on HMT Canada

Demobilised on April 9th.

Died on April 4th, 1922 at the age of 31. Buried in Saint – Thomas cemetery, Ontario, Canada

Medals (British War medal, Victory medal), Plaque and Scroll were sent to her brother Wm J Green Esq 40 Roseberry Place, Saint- Thomas Ontario

There is no mention on the medal’s card about the Memorial Cross and there in no mention about her mother in her file, so probably the Memorial Cross was never issued

NOTE : Nursing sister Caroline Graham Grenn is not listed on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission because she died after the 1921 cut-off date

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