Major Carl Perry Wetmore E.D.

He served as a Private in Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1 and as a Major in the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. He is entitled to the British War Medal, Victory Medal, the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal (without clasp), War Medal 1939-1945 and the Efficiency Decoration (clasp Canada)

War badge service class A : 265034, a second was issued on June 23 1960 177299

Born on December 16th 1897 in St- John New – Brunswick

1901 census taken in Victoria Ward, Saint John, New Brunswick

Father : James                Mother Annie

Sister : Lizzie                   Brother : George    Sister : Annie

FIRST WORLD WAR   Canadian Army Medical Corps # 523206

Religion : Church of England        Status : single          Height : 5′ 6″

Eyes : brown                         Hair : dark brown              Weight : 123 lbs

Trade messenger Canadian custom      Address : 11 Prospect St-John

July 16th 1916 : Had some service with the 8th Canadian Field Ambulance in the militia prior to enlistment. Enlisted in St – John, New Brunswick in the 16th Canadian Field Ambulance

January 26th, 1917 : Embarked in Halifax on the SS Grampian. Arrived in Liverpool on February 6th.

February 2nd : Arrived in France. March 17th : Taken on strength with the 2nd Casualty clearing Station

May 14th : Hospitalized at the 2nd Casualty Clearing Station for Purexia of unknown origin. Discharged on May 22nd.

February 11th, 1918 : 14 days permission. Returned to unit February 28th.

April 16th, 1919 : Sailed from Liverpool, England on board S.S. Belgic, arrived in Halifax on April 23rd. Demobilized on April 24th.

January 4th, 1921 : Enlisted in the Non permanent active militia with the 14th Canadian Field ambulance

February 2nd, 1923 : Promoted lieutenant (quartermaster)

October 12th, 1925 : Promoted captain (quartermaster) with the 14th Field Ambulance

February 14th, 1933 : Promoted major (quartermaster)

December 31st, 1931 : In Saint-George, New-Brunswick he married Alice Marian Craig who was born on June 3rd, 1902. Witness Eldridge Craig and Lillian Craig. She died in North Carolina. Together they had one children , Barbara Wetmore

SECOND WORLD WAR    Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps

October 10th, 1939 : Enlisted in the 14th Field Ambulance RCAMC with the rank of major. He had one daughter, Annie Barbara Wetmore

July 1st, 1940 : Transfer to the New Brunswick Rangers with the rank of captain

March18th, 1941 : Received his Efficiency decoration (G.O. 67). He was with the 14th Field Ambulance

March 23rd, 1942 : Severely injured his pelvis and his back.

November 10th : On command to the Ordnance Depot in Saint-John

September 3rd, 1943 : On command to the 12th Canadian General Hospital in Sussex New Brunswick

January 15th, 1944 : Qualified for the Canadian volunteer service medal

May 26th, 1945 : Volunteered for the Pacific theatre

October 24th : Struck of strength of the active service and transferred to the Reserve officer list

February 15th, 1946 : A second set of WW1 medals is issued. During Easter of 1940 the barracks of the 14th Canadian Field ambulance were destroyed by fire and he lost is medal.

May 12th, 1950 :To be a major

1953: Listed as living in Little River, New-Brunswick with his wife and he was a Custom Official

December 16th, 1957 : Placed on the retired list with the rank of major

June 23rd, 1960 : A second WSB class A was issued to him and sent in Harding’s Point King county New Brunswick

April 7th, 1969 :Died in Alabama

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

Picture of then Captain (Quartermaster) Carl Perry Wetmore during WW2

(third from the left)

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  • Sherri Sinyerd  On 2016/11/11 at 11:51

    Annie Barbara and her husband Clyde Joseph Aylward had five children who are all still alive and well.
    Thank you for posting this

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