Private James Stuart

Private James Stuart served in the Scots Guard 1st battalion during the 1882 Egyptin campaign. He is entitled to the 1882 Egypt Medal (clasp Tel-El-Kebir), the Khedive’s Star and the Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. His enlistment number is 4916.

Born September of 1859 in Banff, United Kingdom

Religion : Church of England     Trade : Painter

Eyes : Gray      Hair: Dark brown              Height : 5′ 9″

September 22 nd 1879 : Enlisted in the Scots Fusiliers Guards in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Served at home from until July 29th 1882

Drawing showing the departure of the ship Orient

July 30th : Sailed from Albert Docks in London, England on the ship Orient

August 12th : Disembarked in Alexandria, Egypt

Picture of 1st battalion Scots Guards in Alexandria on August 12th.

August 18th : From Alexandria embarked to Ismaila. Arrived on August 22nd

August 24th : Guards’s brigade were held in support at Tel-el-Mikuta. Started repairing railway and clearing the Canal.

September 12th : Guards’s brigade called-up as support to Graham’s brigade at Kassassin

September 13th (early morning) : Battle of Tel-el-Kebir.

Scots Guards were part of the Guards Brigade with the 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards, 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards and the 1st Battalion Scots Guards and under the command of His Royal Highness Prince Arthur the Duke of Connaught (Queen Victoria’s 7th child). Guards’s brigade including the Scots Guards were held in reserve and by the time the regiment reached enemy’s parapet the battle was almost over.

Typical Scots Guards uniform for the Egyptian Campaign of 1882

Returned from Egypt on November 15th 1882 and continued to served at Home

October 1st, 1897 : Received his Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

October 12th : Discharged at his own request in London. His conduct is listed as exemplary

October 13th : Started to claim his pension.

He was still claiming a pension in 1926

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography

Picture of the Tel-El-Kebir battle ground (after the battle)

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