Nurse Georgia A. Shima

Nurse Georgia A. Shima

April 24th 1901 : Born in New-York. Her parents were from Austria (Bohemia)

May 1910 US census : Listed as living in waterfront Township California

Father : Ludvik born 1863 Mother : Annie Oswald born 1865

Brother : Francis born 1896

1918 : The city directory list her as a nurse at St-Joseph Hopital in San Joaquin California

January 8th, 1920 : US census listed her as pupil at the Saint-Joseph Hospital in San Joaquin, California.

According to the archivist of the St-Joseph Hospital, she attended St. Joseph’s Nurses Training School from July 26, 1918-August 1921 when she graduated and took the test for her R.N. which she passed.

August 15th, 1921 : She graduated from the St-Joseph Hospital Nursing School in San Joaquin, California

1924 : Listed as living at 615 N Commerce. She is listed as a Republican on the 1920-24 electoral list and living in Stockton, California

1928 : School yearbook indicates that she was working as an “Industrial Nurse” in Oakland, California

1930 US census : Listed her as living in California

June 1931 : Married John Christensen

June 8th, 1984 : Died in Stanislaus, California. Her last address was 95353 Modesto

If you know more information on this lady, please leave me message so I can add it to her small biography

Nursing school St-Joseph Hospital graduation pin

Reverse engraved Georgia A Shima Aug 15 1921

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