Sergeant Percy Bassett

Sergeant Percy Bassett served with the Canadian Mounted Rifles during the Boers’ War and the Canadian Forestry Corps during WW1. He is entitled to the Queen South Africa clasps Orange Free State-Cape Colony and the British War Medal. His enlistment number is 1037202. His War Service Badge Class “C” number is 20295.

He was born on March 17th 1880 in Wimbledon Surrey, Enlgand

Trade : rancher        Religion : Church of England  Status : single

Height : 6’0″         Eyes : blue         Hair : brown     Weight: 180 lbs.

1881 United Kingdom census taken St Pancras, London, England at 76 Mansfield road

Father : Joseph Bassett (police officer) born in 1849

Mother : Mary Bassett (b.1851)     Brother : Thomas H. Bassett (b.1874)

Sister : Elizabeth M. Basset (b. 1876)

1891 United Kingdom census taken in Lambeth, London county at 30th St-Mary Square road

Father : Thomas H (Police constable)       Mother : Mary (housekeeper)

Sister : Elizabeth (dressmaker apprentice) Sister : Ethel L (scholar)

Brother : Oscar W (scholar) born in 1889 in London, Lambeth

May 16th, 1894 : Arrived at Montreal, Quebec from Liverpool, England wit his family. Sailed on ship Lake Superior. Their final destination was the city of Cochrane in which was part of the North West Territories at the time.

Boer’s war service

January 3rd, 1900 : Enlisted with the 2nd battalion of the Canadian Mounted Rifles with the number 52 in Calgary in a North Western Mounted Police post. He was living with his mother in Cochrane, Alberta.

Percy Bassett Boers’ War enlistment paper

January 20th : The regiment was inspected by the Governor- General in front of the Parliament in Ottawa.

January 27th: He embarked on the ship SS Pomeranian in Halifax and arrived in Cape Town, South Africa on

February 26th. A small detachment of the 2nd battalion of the Canadian Mounted Rifles embarked on the ship SS Laurentian on the January 20th and arrived in Cape Town on February 17th. The third and the last ship of the second Canadian contingent to South Africa was the Milwaukee, it sailed from Halifax on

February 20th with onboard a smaller detachment of the 2nd battalion of the Canadian Mounted Rifles. Their first assignment when they arrived in South Africa was to escort Boer’s prisoner to their internment camp.

March 4th begin the move to Sunyside à Far North. They left for West Victoria on March 13th and took the direction of Cararvon and then change course to the north-west to Kendhart.

April 13th : Unit camped near the city of De Aar.

May 3rd : There is a battle near Brandfort, Boers retreated.

May 28th : They arrived in Transvaal, there is a battle near the bridge of Clip’s river in Doorkop.

June 6th : They entered Pretoria, on June 12th they go back to Irene Station near Pretoria.

End of July : They were on the left flank off the attack at Witport.

July 31st : Invalidated to England for reason of enteric (typhoid) fever. Arrived in Canada on December 8th and demobilised on December 11th. When soldiers were sick or wounded they were sent to hospital in England and then transferred to Canada or returned to their unit when they back on their feet.

1901 Canadian census taken in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada (living with him)

Mother : Mary Bassett 50 years (widow)   Brothers : Thomas H. Bassett 27 years and Oscar Bassett 13

September 28th : His Queen’s South Africa  Medal was presented to him by His Royal Highness in Calgary

Percy Bassett medal roll

His mother died on February 23rd, 1904 (from B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13094)

May 28th, 1913 : Arrived from Sydney, Australia at Vancouver Port. Sailed on ship Niagara. Listed with him, his wife Barbara.

World War One service

June 27th 1916 : Enlisted in the 238th battalion with number  # 1037202 in the 238th battalion CEF in Cochrane, Alberta. He was married to Barbara Ann Basset and living in Cochrane, Alberta, they had an 8 years old boy (Leonard).

Recruitment poster for the 238th battalion, Percy Bassett’s unit


September 11th : He sailed from Halifax on board the ship S.S. Scandinavian and was appointed Acting Sergeant in the 238th battalion. He arrived in England on September 22nd.

He did his whole service with the 238 th battalion and was transferred to the Canadian Forestry Corps when his battalion was disbanded. He never went to France

July 5th, 1919 : He sailed from Liverpool, England on board the ship R.M.S. Carmania.

July 18th : He arrived in Canada and demobilised.

November 19th : Arrived in Montreal, Quebec from Glasgow, Scotland on ship Sicilian

February 24th, 1920 : Arrived in St-John, New-Brunswick from Liverpool, England on SS Grampian

July 24th : Married Jessie Shennan (from B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B12905)

March 12th, 1922 : Arrived from Auckland, New Zealand in Vancouver British Columbia

September 26th 1927 : Sailed on ship Georgic from South Hampton, England and arrived in New York, New York. Kate Favell is listed as his wife

He died on February 3rd, 1972 in the Nanaimo Regional Hospital in British Columbia at age 92. He worked for the fishing and gaming department in Calgary where He was an inspector in Port Alberni until he retired in 1957 at 77. He was a member of the Masonic Order. He lived on Lake Shore Road, Port Alberni, British Columbia. He was married to Jessie Basset, he had a daughter Jessie Bland, one brother William Basset who was living in Vernon, British Columbia in 1972. There is no mention of his first wife and his first son he had with her in his obituary.

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

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  • Geri Enquist  On 2020/01/07 at 17:24

    Hi, I’m Percy Bassett’s grand daughter, my mom was Jessie Bland. Thanks for the information about my grand father.

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