Warrant Officer Arthur Edwin Haines M.I.D.

Warrant officer class I Arthur Edwin Haines served during the Boers’ War with the Royal West Kent Regiment (British Force) and in World War One with the 67th battalion Canadian Expeditionary Force. He is entitled to the Queen’s Mediterranean Medal, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal with Oak leaves. He was also Mentioned in Dispatches (M.I.D.). His War Service Badge number 305660.

Born on March 5th, 1881 in Kent, England    Religion : Church of England

1881 census United Kingdom taken in Warmington, Northampton, England

Arthur E. born in 1881 at Chislehurst, Kent, England

Father: George William Haines 1855 – 1928

Mother: Gabriella Dorcus Sutton 1857 – 1889

He had 3 brothers and one sister Albert Haines (born 1879), George Ernest Haines (born 1883), William Haines (born 1885) and Harriet Haines (born 1888)

Boer’s War

October 25th, 1899 : He enlisted in the 3rd battalion Royal West Kent Regiment (listed as a labourer on Mr Batholenew Betson‘s farm)

Height : 5′ 3″ Hair : brown         Weight : 107 lbs      Eyes : gray

December 11th : The Royal West Kent regiment assembled at Maidstone.

December 16th : Absent from tattoo until 17h00 on the 17th (1 day forfeit pay)

January 4th, 1900 : They left Chatham Barracks and ship sailed at 14:30. He arrived in Malta on January 15th

He was reprimanded 4 times while stationned in Malta

March 25th, 1901 : The King visited the troops stationed in Malta

May 31st : Embarked on ship Formosa and left the next day. The ship Dilwara left the port on June 2nd with some companies of the 3rd battalion. Formosa arrived in Southampton (June 9th) and Dilwara arrived at Maidstone on June 10th.

April 14th, 1902 : Transferred to the Royal Horse Artillery (number 23444)

Height : 5′ 6″       Weight : 130 lbs

June 4th, 1904 : Transferred to the Army Veterinary Corps

August 5th, 1906 : He married Mabel Annie Cox, together they had 5 children Mabel Annie Haines  (1907 – 1909), Florence May Haines (1909 – 1985), Arthur Edwin Haines (1912 – 1915), William Haines (1916 – 1985) and Albert Edwin Haines (1920 – 1998)

February 8th, 1909 : He transferred to the Reserve Army Veterinary Corps

1911 Canadian census : He is listed as living in Nanaimo, British Columbia

First World War

He enlisted on September 7th, 1915 in the 67th battalion in Victoria, British Columbia.

Height : 5′ 7″                 Weight : 156 lbs     Eyes : hazel

Trade : teamster          Hair : dark Brown

He sailed from Halifax on April 1st, 1916 on SS Olympic and arrived in England on March 11th.

April 1st: He was appointed acting sergeant and confirmed as a Battery Sergeant Major.

June 9th: He was promoted Sergeant and confirmed in the rank on July 5th.

August 5th : He was appointed Company Sergeant Major.

August 13th : Left camp at 6:30, sailed from Southampton at 8:00 on the HMT 460. Arrived on the 14th. Confirmed Company Sergeant Major on that day. He entrained at Havre, France on the 17th and arrived in Poperinghe, Belgium at 10:30 on the 18th.

November 4th : He was promoted Warrant Officer class II.

Picture of Warrant Officer Arthur Edwin Haines (probably taken end of 1916 – early 1917)

Haines, Arthur Edwin(3)

picture from Pauline Haines

May 1st, 1917 : He was struck of strength 67th battalion and arrived with his new unit (54th battalion) on May 2nd.

July 29th : The battalion captured their first houses in the city of Lens

September 6th : First day of Lens’ battle. The 54th was part of the first wave of the attack.

August 3rd, 1918 : Left Warlus for Amiens. Arrived on the 7th.

August 8th : They moved to their position for the initial assault behind Gentelles Wood.

August 10th : Arrived in Merihencourt

September 2nd: At 5:00 am the battalion is ordered to march forward

September 27th : Crossed Canal du Nord and captured the eastern part of Bourlon Wood.

September 28th : Promoted Warrant Officer class I and appointed Regimental Sergeant Major.

September 29th : Launched their attack from Bourlon Wood village, they were shelled and suffered a lot of casualties.

November 2nd : Battalion took the town of Marly.

April 18th, 1919 : Battalion left Groenedal, reaching Havre, France on the 20th. He sailed to England at 16:30 on April 28th and arrived in Southampton on the 29th.

Picture of Warrant Officer Arthur Edwin Haines

On the cuff of his right sleeve you can see the Warrant Officer rank and the three chevrons, each one representing one year of good services oversea. Over the flap of his left pocket of his tunic, you can see the Queen Mediterranean Medal ribbon

May 31st : He embarked for Canada on H.M.T. Mauretania

June 8th : He reached Hamilton. left on the 10th

He was discharged on June 13th with the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major

Mentioned in Dispatches on July 8th, 1919 (London Gazette 31448). In the official history of the battalion he is listed as a Military Cross recipient but neither his file or any official Canadian records list him as a Military Cross recipient. Since the book was printed in 1919, I think he was recommended for a Military Cross but it was downgraded to a Mentioned in Dispatches by that time the book had already being sent to the printer and they could not changed the text.

Warrant Officer Arthur Edwin Haines medals (picture from the family)

As mentionned in the above paragraph, not sure about the Military Cross (first medal from the left)

Haines, Arthur Edwin medals

picture from Pauline Haines

He died on February 20th, 1935. Buried in plot T 091 E 40 in Ross Bay Burial Cemetery, Victoria British Columbia.

Also in the same lot are;

Haines, Arthur Edwin, born Victoria, died Victoria, Mar 16, 1915, aged 30

Haines, Mabel Anne, born in Lock Bottom, Kent, died Victoria, Sep 4, 1970, aged 67

White, Ada Mary, born Eng, died Victoria, Apr 9, 1940, aged 74

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

Picture of his grave in Ross Bay Burial Cemetery, British Columbia

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  • Pauline Haines  On 2013/10/29 at 16:27

    Thank you very much for compiling this wonderful history. This gentleman is my husband’s great grandfather. I BELIEVE there are a couple of errors.
    1. His correct name is in fact ARTHUR EDWIN HAINES, DOB 05 March 1881 in Chislehurst, Kent. (per census, and death records). I do not know why some records (military and others), incorrectly state his middle name to be Edward.
    2. You have the wrong 1881 census which has led to incorrect parents and siblings. The correct census does NOT pop up when searching “Arthur Haines”, as on the correct census he is only listed as “infant Haines”. I only discovered the correct one from the 1891 family members.
    3. As to the Ross Bay Cemetery info of other people in the same plot, you list Haines, Arthur Edwin, born Victoria, died Victoria, Mar 16, 1915, aged 30. Perhaps a typo, he died aged 3 years, DOB July 1912.
    4. Also, birth place for his wife, Mabel Anne, you state born Russia. She was in fact born in Lock Bottom, Kent , England (per 1911 England Census).
    5. We have (somewhere) his framed war medals.
    Once again, a big thank you for your work. I would be happy to email you supporting documents for this info.

    Pauline Haines
    Victoria, B. C. Canada

  • Rick Haines  On 2013/11/11 at 00:30

    Thank you for this wonderful history of my grandfather, I knew very little about him and reading this the day before Remembrance Day made it even more special. I always wished I could have met him and heard stories of his past. My father William James Haines is also interred in the same plot as his father.

    Rick Haines

  • Medic  On 2013/11/11 at 19:15

    @ Rick I am glad that you appreciate

  • Medic  On 2013/11/11 at 19:15

    I am glad that you appreciate

  • Donna Louise Campbell. ( Haines)  On 2013/11/12 at 01:09

    I very much appreciate the above info. I made an attempt to start my Family Tree earlier this year with the help of info. my Brother Rick Haines had sent me. Our Father William James Haines was one son. Albert Edwin Haines was another Son and our Uncle. Florence May Haines was his Daughter and our Aunt. We just recently found out that there was another Son who had passed away at the age of 3. We didn’t know about the Daughter that passed away at an early age also. My Family Tree is built up to George William Haines( His Father) and Gabriella Dorcus Sutton( His Mother) . I have his Revolver, Holster, Baonet, Banner with Emblem on it, his Trench Light in Leather Case , Two Sticks with Emblem on end of one( the ones they walked with under their arm) and some Pictures. Your info. will be so helpful in the process of building our Family Tree as we are still attempting to find different sites for info. on other Family Members.

    Donna Louise Campbell (Haines)
    Kamloops BC

  • Elisia Strydom  On 2015/06/24 at 07:30

    At last I find something about my grandfather William George Haines. If I read correctly he is the brother of Arthur Edwin Haines.

    My grandfather ended up in South Africa and married a local Afrikaans girl. Elizabeth Jacoba le Roux. They were farmers in Kwa Zulu Natal.

    His whole family is/was Afrikaans speaking and I always wondered how he managed an accent free Afrikaans. He died in approx 1969.

    Now I must try and find out if he also joined the Boer War!

    Elisia Strydom (neé Snyman)
    Königsbronn Germany

  • M. Saunter  On 2016/06/03 at 14:19

    Thank you so very much for all the hard work. I agree with the Corrections as commented above. I too, am related, Arthur Edwin Haines born 1881, was in Census of 1891 Film 6095744 Folio 84V, Civil Parish of St. Paul’s Cray living at 3 Victoria Cottages, Borough Reigate, District Goodstone.

    3 Generations
    1. Edmund Haines mar. to Ann ?
    2.* George Haines head, married to Emily (nee LANE)
    had son
    3.Arthur W.G. Haines b. married to Elizabeth KEEP ( I’m direct from this family)

    In 1891 Census
    George Haines, head. born Titsey, Surrey (my 3rd grt. grd. parents)
    wife Emily Haines b. born Chelsfield

    **George Haines, son, widower (I have 1864 born Chelsfield) farm lab.
    William Haines, married
    Eliza Haines day-in-law
    ***1 Albert Haines grd. son born 1875?
    Arthur (EDWIN) Haines grd.son born1881 (note, I, M.S. added EDWIN)
    **2* George Haines, grd. son b. 1883
    ***3 William Haines grd. son b. 1885
    ***4 Harriet Haines grd. dau. b. 1888
    Nettie Standen visitor b. 1888

    My Notes from M. Saunter saunter.mm@gmail.com
    **George Haines, son, widower, married to Gabriella Dorcus Sutton (1857-1889)
    Gabriella died in 1889 therefore not in 1891 Census and George living with his parents.

    George’s and Gabriella’s (deceased) children are: 3 sons, 1 daughter
    Albert b. 1881, George b. 1883, William b. 1885, and Harriet b. 1888

    Therefore, ARTHUR EDWIN HAINES, is the GRANDSON of
    George and Emily Haines with their son George and his children as the grandchildren.

    My 3rd great grand parents are George and Emily Haines, that I believe is George their son had a brother called Arthur W. G. Haines who is my grt. grt. grandfather married to Elizabeth, who had a daughter Ethel Haines who is my grandmother.

    I know too many of the same first names; however, I am related as cousins making Warrant Officer Edwin Haines buried in Ross Bay Burial Cemetery, Victoria, B.C, Canada my relative.

    Note: as a grand son of George and Emily Haines, at about 10 years old, in 1891 Census, he lived at 3 Victoria Cottages, Civil Parish of St. Paul’s Cray, England
    and now buried in Victoria, BC cemetery.

    I would hope to find and connect with some Haines cousins on my journey as I just discovered this web site today. Thank you for the wonderful information giving honour to our war veterans. God bless and thank you and them, everywhere, including my own father and paternal father’s line for serving.

    Hope this info helps and please contact me saunter.mm@gmail.com

  • Saunter  On 2016/07/05 at 12:47

    PLEASE email saunter.mm@ Gmail com as I have some info re: Arthur Edwin Haines. Thank you

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