Warrant Officer John Lyons C.D.

Warrant Officer John Lyons served in the Canadian Military Staff Clerk during WW2, in the first official United Nations mission in Egypt and post-WW2 in Canada. He is entitled to the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal (without clasp), the War Medal 1939-45, United Nations Emergency Force Medal (Egypt), the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal, the Efficiency Medal and the Canadian Decoration with clasp. His enlistment number is C-96293

He also worked for the Canadian Government as a civil servant and he is entitled to the Canadian Government Long and Efficiency Service Medallion.

Born in Ontario, Canada on February 21, 1921

Hair : brown       Religion : Presbyterian       Trade : Civil servant

Height : 5′ 11″     Weight : 165                          Eyes : blue

Prior to his enlistment he had a background in commercial school having completed his grade XI commercial course. He was working for the National Defence for 2 years before enlistment as a civil servant. He also served in the Governor’s General Foot Guards from October 1937 until June 16 1940.

June 17, 1940 : He enlisted in the Active Force

June 21, 1941 : He was promoted to the rank of acting-corporal without  pay

May 1, 1942 : He was promoted to the rank of Corporal

May 18 : He was transferred to Kingston to the Fingerprinting and Photographing Section

August 8 : He was promoted to the rank of Acting Sergeant

October 1 : He was transferred to St-John, New-Brunswick

October 30 : He was transferred to Vancouver, British-Columbia

January 19, 1943 : He was transferred to Petawawa, Ontario

March 1 : Promoted to the rank of Sergeant

July 10 : He was transferred to Montreal, Quebec

December 7 : He was transferred back to Ottawa

December 16 : He was awarded the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal ribbon

December 10 : He was transferred to Debert, Nova Scotia

April 29, 1944 : He was transferred to Ottawa

June 15, 1945 : Married Corporal Marjorie Ella Prentice (W-21581)

August 18 : He received his Efficiency Medal (G.O. 223)

December 12 : He was accepted for the Interim Force

July 1, 1946 : He received his War Service Badge “General Service class” no 1466607

September 2 : He received his War Medal 1939-45

August 27, 1947 : He was demobilized from the Active Force and re-engaged on the same day in the Permanent Forces with the rank of Private. He was living at 226 Lyon street in Carleton, Ontario

July 12, 1951 : He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant

1953 : His wife Marjorie left him, Noranda, Quebec. Together they had two children, Barry and Brian.

September 23, 1957 : Left Canada for Italy and disembarked in Egypt on September 27th with the UNEF mission. he was there for 12 months.

June 1, 1958 : He received his United Nations Emergency Force Medal

October 6 : He arrived in Canada from Egypt. He was posted to Ottawa with the office of the Judge Advocate General.

July 24, 1961 : He was transferred to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

September 3, 1962 : He was promoted to the rank of acting Staff-Sergeant

August 1, 1963 : He was promoted to Staff-Sergeant

November 1, 1965 : He was transferred to Ottawa. By that time he had remarried

September 3, 1968 : He was promoted to the rank of Warrant Officer. His Canadian Decoration was issued to him between that date and December 17

December 17 : He was discharged from the army.

Warrant Officer John Lyons discharge certificate (front and back)

1984 : He received the Long and Efficiency Service Medallion denoting 35 years service as a civil servant for the Canadian Government.

June 7, 1984 : Died. He is buried in Beechwood cemetery in Ottawa section A, range 96, gr 41. His last address was 2 Goulburn Crescent, Ottawa and was still a civil servant. He is buried with his father but the gravestone does not have his name on it. The obituary does mention that he was married to Rita Marchildon making her his second wife.

March 12, 2002 : He received  the Canadian Peacekeeping Service Medal posthumously.

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography

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  • gpcox  On 2013/11/30 at 05:07

    Do you sometimes coordinate with Pierre Lagace @ Lest West Forget to locate data?

  • Susan Lampkin  On 2015/12/06 at 12:51

    Who do I contact with information regarding John Lyons?

  • Nelson  On 2015/12/06 at 13:10

    You can send me the information at marinoni99@hotmail.com, I will add it to this website

  • Susan Lampkin  On 2015/12/06 at 13:22

    Mary Angus was W J Lampkins Daughter. My Mother married John Lyons and had 2 boys, Barrie and Brian. Mary was born in Quebec and on Her birth certificate is Lyons because my mother was still married to John at the time of Mary’s birth. That was the law back then.

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