Reverend Robert Milner Gibson K.H.C.

Reverend Robert Milner Gibson served as a chaplain with the British Expeditionary Force in France during WW1 and in United Kingdom during WW2. He is entitled to the British War Medal, the Victory Medal, the Defence Medal and the 1937 Coronation Medal.

March 16th 1889 : Born in Kingston, United Kingdom.

1891 UK census : Living in Wimbledon, Surrey

Father : Robert Francis Gibson         Mother : Alice Victoria Jones

1901 UK census : Listed as living in Edgbaston

1909 : Graduated from Cambridge College

1911 UK Census : Listed as an under graduate student and living Kings Norton, Worcestershire

1912-16 : Church of St-Mary, Handsworth

1916 : Married to Lois Rathlin

1916-17 St-Michel. Boldmere

March 27th 1917 : Appointed Chaplain of the Forces 4th class as a Chaplain in the BEF. Reported to the War Office on April 17th and landed in France on April 24th

Reverend Robert Milner Gibson K.H.C. WW1 enlistment form

Religion : Church of England    Height:  5’10”    Weight : 154 lbs.

His wife was Lois Rathlin Gibson, living at Handsworth Wood 22 Selborne rd, Birmingham

April 24th, 1918 : Relinquished his commission. He did not serve for a full year in France and there is no note in his service file that he was wounded, I guess the battlefield was not meant for him.

March 5th, 1920 : Applied for his medals

Reverend Robert Milner Gibson K.H.C.

1918-20 : Church of St-Augustine, Edgbaston

1919-21 : He was the Honorary Chaplain Force

1920-27 : Vicair of St-Germain, Edgbaston (living at 461 Ciy rd.)

1923-27 : Clerical Secretary for the Birmingham diocese conference

1926 : Chief messenger for the World Call

1926-27 : Honorary Chaplain to Bishop of Birmingham.

1927-32 : Vicair of St-John Baptist of Peterborough 1931-32 : Honorary Canon of Peterborough

1921-39 : Chaplain of the Forces (Territorial Army) from 1933. 1939 he was the senior chaplain of the 47th Division

From 1933 to 1938, his residence was on Crandley Gardens, Brompton Ward, London

1936-40 : Chaplain to His Majesty the King (July 20th 1936 London Gazette 4664). As a Chaplain to His Majesty the King he would have worn the badge of the Chaplain to the King (Picture of the Badge)

1941-46 : Vicair of St-Stephen, St-Mary Westminster

1959 : Still alive and probably died in 1967

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography

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  • Daniel  On 2014/05/12 at 03:20

    There is an entry in the England and Wales Death Index 1916-2007 for Robert M Gibson on It says he was born in about 1890 and died in the Worthing, Sussex registration district in the second quarter of 1967. I haven’t ordered a copy of the certificate from GRO which would conclusively establish whether or not this is him.

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