WW1 Canadian Nursing Sister uniform – part 2 – Ceremonial Dress

This is part of a serie of 4 posts on the subject of WW1 Canadian Nursing Sister uniform.

I do not pretend that these texts are the definitive source of information on the subject but rather some educated observations made after looking at several pictures of WW1 Canadian Nursing Sisters .

After many years of reading of Nursing sisters, I was never able to find the official Dress Regulations or official information produced by the Canadian Government on the subject of the uniform of WW1 Canadian Nursing Sisters. These 4 posts are the starting point to something that could evolve as I get new information on the subject.

Post 1 is on the Service Dress and can be read by clicking here. Post 3 will cover some aspects on how was worn the uniform and can be read by clicking here. Post 4 shows other uniform for WW1 Women Medical personnel from other Commenwealth Forces. It can be read by clicking here.

This text present the Ceremonial Dress for the WW1 Canadian Nursing Sister.

Nursing Sister Christina Campbell wearing the Ceremonial Dress uniform with the winter hat but without the cape

click on the image to enlarge

Nursing Sister James (right) wearing the Ceremonial Dress with the cape and the summer hat. Note the chain close to the neck to hold the cape. The Nursing Sister on the left is Mary Catherine English click here to see her small biography ( source McMaster University)

click on the image to enlarge

An unknown Nursing Sister with the Ceremonial Dress but this time note the front straps in a X shape but no chain at the neck to hold the cape.

click on the image to enlarge

Another picture of two Nursing Sisters wearing the cape and with the front X straps.  The Nursing Sister on the left is wearing the Service Dress and the one on the right is wearing the Ceremonial Dress. This make me think that the cape could be worn with either dress although its color was really identical to the one of Ceremonial Dress.

click on the image to enlarge

Picture of Nursing Sister Cecile Leonore McKibben showing how the cape was supposed to be worn, the straps under the collar of the Service Dress and the neck chain attached. This is most certainly the way the cape was supposed to be worn. (source Rick Streifel (Nursing Sister McKibben family) and Debbie Marshall)

click on the image to enlarge

Picture of Nursing Sister Louise A Spry showing details of the winter hat with the CAMC hat badge (source University of Toronto website)

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Picture of an unknown Nursing Sister with the Ceremonial Dress, white gloves and also showing details of the belt buckle (Picture source City of Vancouver Archives website)

click on the image to enlarge

unknown Gloves

Picture of a complete Ceremonial Dress with the felt hat

click on the image to enlarge

Pictures sources Library and Archives Canada and Canadian War Museum

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  • Barbara Monk  On 2015/05/05 at 13:58

    Dear Nelson, Thank you so much for placing all this information and the photos of the Canadian Nursing Sisters of the Great War. It is exemplary and I appreciate being able to use them for researching the clothing as I am a re-enactor for that historical period. blessings, Barbara Monk

  • Nelson  On 2015/05/05 at 15:12

    I am glad it can be of some help

  • Wm Scott Turrall  On 2016/06/25 at 19:58

    My wife, friend of Barb Monk and CAMC Nursing Sister Re-enactor is desperately trying to find out info on the colour of the Canadian sisters attached to the British during the Boer War. Do you have any info.



  • Avril Stevenson  On 2018/06/02 at 16:44

    Can any one tell me if the aprons were cotton or linen


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