Warrant Officer Charles Gordon

Warrant Officer class 1 Charles Gordon served in the Royal Army Medical Corps during the Boers’ War and WW1. He is entitled to the Queen South Africa Medal clasps Cape Colony and Orange Free State, the 1914 Star, the British War Medal, the Victory Medal and the Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. His enlistment number is 12932.

February 1877 : Born in Aberdeen

January 6th 1900 : Enlisted in Aberdeen, Scotland in the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Height : 5′ 3″           Weight : 128 lbs.      Religion : Presbyterian

Eyes : Hazel             Hair : Brown           Trade : chemist

March 2nd : Appointed 3rd Class Orderly and left for South Africa with No. 10 General Hospital, Nowals Pont the next day, March 3rd

August 7th : Back in United Kingdom and left for South Africa on November 12th

April 29th, 1901 : Back in United Kingdom

October 1st, 1902 : Appointed 2nd class orderly and Lance-corporal on October 8th

1904 : Promoted corporal January 12th and sergeant on October 19th

December 22nd : Left for South Africa

January 5th, 1907 : Service extended to 12 years

February 2nd, 1911 : Back in United Kingdom

December 15th, 1913 : Married Ada Annie Bushell in Folkstone and posted to 11th Company and promoted Quartermaster Sergeant the next day, December 16th

August 10th 1914 : Promoted to Sergeant-Major

August 19th : Sent to France with the 4th Cavalry Field Ambulance (with the 1st Division)

January 18th 1918 : Admitted at the 4th Cavalry Field Ambulance for rhumatism. Transferred to the 3rd Stationnary hospital on February 18th.

May 13th : Back to UK

June 3rd : Joined the 35th Company in London

December 31st : Proceeded to the Army Medical Record Office

January 3rd,  1921 : Discharged               Address on discharge : 6 Wellington, Sandgate, Kent

The front cover of his file is addressed to The Secretary, Royal Hospital, Chelsea and was received December 16th 1920.

On a total of a 21 years career, Charles Gordon served 10 years and 233 days outside United Kingdom, that is more than half of his career.

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography

Warrant Officer Charles Gordon

Warrant Officer Charles Gordon enlistment form Boers’ war (page 1)

Warrant Officer Charles Gordon enlistment form Boers’ war (page 2)

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  • World War One Historical Assn  On 2012/03/26 at 15:06

    He was 5 foot 3? I’m 5 foot 3!

    Also, I have rheumatism — I wonder what that diagnosis really meant.

  • Medic  On 2012/03/26 at 18:47

    I have done research on many 5′ 3″ men with rheumatism …….. I would not be too worry about what’s coming after :-)

  • World War One Historical Assn  On 2012/03/27 at 14:27

    Very funny! No, I’m pretty sure I won’t be carried off by an arthritic shoulder.

  • Podiatrist Ottawa  On 2020/05/28 at 21:19

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    Do you have anything else that goes this in deatail about Warrant Officer Charles Gordon | A tribute to some
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