Private Leslie Tucker

Private Leslie Tucker served in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces during WW1. He is entitled to the British War Medal and the Victory medal. His enlistment number was 457748.

Born on November 24th, 1896 in London, England

Trade : electrician     Religion : Baptist         Status : single

Height : 5’3″      Eyes : grey       Hair : light brow   Weight : 116 lbs

1901 UK Census : Listed as living in Willesden, Middlesex, United Kingdom

He moved to Canada

1911 Canadian census Listed as living in Saut-au-Recollet ward, Laval, Quebec with his parents

Enlisted on July 5th , 1915 in Montreal in the 60th battalion (Victoria Rifles). Sailed from Montreal on August 27th, 1915 onboard the ship SS Scandinavian. He was part of the reinforcing draft. His money was deposit at the Montreal Bank in Places d’Armes in Montreal.

Father : George         Mother : Marie    Address : 3675 Boyer, Montreal

Embarked for overseas on February 20th, 1916. Arrived in France on the 22nd.

Transferred to the 14th battalion on April 15th.

June 2nd to the 3rd : Battle of Mount Sorrel. The battalion was at rest in the rear lines on June 2nd. They were brought ot the front line under the cover of the night late June 2nd. The attack was scheduled at 2:00 am on June 3rd but because of the confusion they launched their attack only at 8:17 am June 3rd.

Hospitalised at the 8th Canadian Field Ambulance from September 5th  to September 19th for a furanculosis at the testicles.

September 24th to 28th : Battle of Somme : The 14th battalion attacked Kenora Trench

Hospitalised at the 8th Canadian Field Ambulance from October 9th  to October 18th for a furanculosis at the testicles.

April 9th to 14th 1917 : Battle of Vimy Ridge : The battalion was brought up to the front line in the night of April 8th and were issued ammunition, bombs and 48 hours of ration.

August 15th to 20th : Battle of Hill 70 : The attack was launched at 4:30 am and the battalion reached its first objective one hour later.

Hospitalised at the 3rd Canadian Field Ambulance from September 18th to September 24th, 1917 for a Purexia of Unknown Origin

October 31st to November 10 : Second battle of Passchendaele

August 8th to 11th 1918 : Battle of Amiens. He was wounded at the left shoulder on August 11th, the last day of the battle and hospitalised until August 19th.

August 26th to 30th : Battle of the Scarpe

September 2nd to 3rd : Battle of Brocourt-Queant line

September 27th : Battle of the Canal du Nord : In the morning of the 24th, the battalion entrained at Arras and proceeded to Bullecourt, detraining at 6:15 pm on September 25th. They reached their attack position on the night of the 26th. Before the attack the Germans shelled them with gaz, the attack was launched on September 27th at 5:20 am and they reached the opposite bank of the Canal du Nord before 6:00 am on the 27th. They reached the village of Sant-Laz Marquion at 7:30 am and before 8:00 it was cleared from Germans. They hold that line ofr the next two days.

October 1st : Battle of Cambrai : The attack was launched at 5:00 am on October 1st. He was wounded a second time on October 2nd.

Promoted Lance Corporal on March 24th, 1919.

Sailed from England April 10th onboard the Carmania, arrived in Canada on April 18th. The unit paraded in Montreal on the 20th and Leslie Tucker was demobilised on April 21st.

After the war,  he lived in Montreal. His name appears for the first time in the Lovell Montreal Directory in 1924. He listed as an electrician working for Bell Telephone Canada. He lived at several addresses in Montreal 3531 Berri (1924-1925), 8061 Boyer(1926-1929), 8152 Chateaubriand (1930-1931) 8163 Boyer (1935- 1937), 653 Jarry (1938) and 8106 De Gaspé (1943-1944). All these addresses are in the same sector on the city of Montreal, so he never moved far from that part of the city probably because he was working close to that sector . His name was not in the directory from 1939 to 1942.

At the same time, one of his fellow comrade from the 60th battalion, Arthur William Dalby, (click here to see his story) was also working for the Bell Telephone Canada company and living in the same city sector as him. I wonder if they still met on a regular base after the war.

1944 : Died – The 1945 Montreal Lovell directory list her widowed wife living at his 1944 address. In 1938 he was living with a man named Ed Brodeur but by 1943 no other man was living with him. He probably got married between 1938 and 1943. After his death, his wife lived there for a few years with a person named White. I do not know if it was a man or a woman, probably a man. In 1948 another man, E J Ryan, moved with her. In 1949, Mr Ryan was listed as living at that address, probably meaning that Leslie Tucker widow had married a second time with Mr Ryan.

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

WW1 medals pair

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