Corporal George Senior

Corporal George Senior served with the Royal Army Medical Corps during WW1, in Russia right after WW1 and in Palestine before WW2. He is entitled to the British War Medal, the Victory Medal, the General Service Medal 1918 (clasp Palestine), the Defence Medal and the Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

1899 : Born in Lancashire, United Kingdom

Trade : mineral water bottler   Religion : Presbyterian     Height : 5′ 7”

1916: Enlisted in the Royal Army Medical Corps. His WW1 file is not available but he served in the Near East Region and the Mediterranean Region.

March 13th, 1919: Re-enlisted in the Royal Army Medical Corps and went to Russia on August 15th 1919.He was back to United Kingdom on September 11th.

March 18th : 1920 Sent to India. He was stationed there until December 22nd 1922.

March 13th, 1921 : Received his first Good Conduct Badge and passed his 3rd class certificate on May 27th.

March 2nd 1923 : Re-engaged to complete his 7 years’ service period.

January 29th, 1925 : Passed his 2nd class Certificate of Education

August 8th : Qualified as an Operating Room Assistant

February 6th : Posted with the 4th company

April 4th: Reengaged to complete his 12 years

June 27th, 1926 : Posted with the 6th company and employed as a Operating Room Assistant.

September 3rd : Posted with the 28 company and sent to Gibraltar as a Operating Room Assistant.

July 18th, 1930 : Qualified as a Trained Nurse

September 17th : Re-engaged to complete his 21 years’ service period.

November 8th, 1931 : Promoted Lance-corporal

February 14th, 1933 : Promoted Corporal

September 28th : Married Ellen Louisa Wright

November 1931 : Passed his junior course for promotion.

The military mission in Palestine started on April 19th 1936. He served at least 30 days in Palestine from that date until March 31st, 1937 when he was listed as backed in United Kingdom. At that time, posting like that were usually for 12 months meaning that he was probably with the first units that arrived in Palestine for that mission. His General Service Medal was sent to 178 Lower Farham Road, Aldershot.

Palestine service medal roll for Corporal Senior

1938 : Retired from the RAMC and started serving with the War Department Constabulary at Chilwell, Nottinghamshire. He was an acting-sergeant from 1941-48. This service probably gave him the entitlement for the Defence Medal.

Received the Defence Medal Address : 17 Williams Rd, Chilwell, Beeaton, Nottinghamshire

1968 : Retired from the War Department Constabulary. He was then a labourer and messenger at Chilwell until retiring after 50 years combined service.

From a newspaper picture of Corporal Senior upon his retiment from the War Department Constabulary (left on the picture)

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

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