Sergeant Beverley Michael Mason C.D.

Sergeant Beverley Michael Mason served in the Logistic Branch of the Canadian Army. He was stationned  in Germany during the Cold War and in Iran in 1988 as part of an United Nations mission. He is entitled to the Special Service Medal (N.A.T.O. clasp), the United Nations Iran/Iraq medal and the Canadian Decoration.

January 15th 1969 : Enlisted in the Canadian Army.

December 1970: Posted at CFB Gagetown

June 26th, 1972: Posted at CFB Petawawa

February 7th, 1973: Promoted to Corporal

September 25th, 1975: Posted at Lahr, Germany (entitlement to his Special Service medal N.A.T.O. clasp)

June 28th 1976 : Posted at CFS Churchill, Manitoba

August 14, 1978 : Posted at CFB Calgary with the 1st Service battalion

December 31st : Promoted to Master-corporal

March 12th, 1980 : Posted at the National Defence Headquarter in Ottawa

March 29th : Left the army for the first time

April 9th, 1981 : Re-enlisted with the rank of corporal in St-John Newfoundland. Posted to Chilliwack. Qualified as a cook and crewman. In Canada in 1980-81 there was a big recession and jobs were scarce, he was probably not able to find a job as a civilian and got back in the army.

January 2nd, 1982 : Promoted to the rank of Master-Corporal

1982 : He received his Canadian Decoration

April 24th, 1985 : Promoted to the rank of Sergeant

August 23rd : Posted at CFB Petawawa

June 13th, 1986 : Posted at CFB Petawawa (location not retained)

August 10th, 1988 : He left Petawawa with the Canadian Forces contingent of approximately 500 members (most were members of the 88th Canadian Signals Regiment) for the Iran/Irak mission (Operation Vagabonb). Mid-December: Troops are to back to Canada from Iran/Irak

Mid-december : Troops are to back to Canada from Iran/Irak

December 1988 : Promoted to the rank of acting Warrant Officer

June 22nd, 1989 : Canadian Signals contingent received their medals in CFB Petawawa for the United Nations Iran/Iraq military observer group – UNIIMOG. He probably received his medal at this date since he was still in Petawawa.

August 15th : Posted at CFB Greenwood, Nova Scotia

May 5th, 1992 : Left the army

September 5, 1995 : Applied for the Special Service Medal (NATO bar)

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography

Logistic Branch cap badge and collar badges

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