Staff Serjeant William Mitchell

Staff-Serjeant William Mitchell served in the Medical Staff Corps. He is entitled to the Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal . He never served in a military campaign making this medal is only entliment. His enlistment numbeer is 3179.

Born in Peterhead, Aberdeen in July-August 1846

Height : 5’6’’     Hair : brown      Eyes : brown            Trade : Farm servant

Enlisted on October 29th 1866 in Aberdeen Scotland in the 69th Regiment.

February 27th, 1868: Sent to Burma, India with the 93rd Foot Regiment (Sutherland Highlanders)

June 30th, 1869: Transferred to the 76th Foot Regiment while in India

December 4th, 1873: Re-engaged to complete his 21 years service

February 2nd 1876 : Received his Certificate of education 2nd class.

April 11th : Arrived back in England

October 1st : Transferred to the Army Hospital Corps

October 1st, 1877 : Promoted corporal

October 10th : Hospitalized in Canterbury

December 21st : Married Marryh Peirce in Canterbury

January 11th, 1878 : Hospitalized in Shornecliffe

March 1st, 1879 : Promoted sergeant

March 5th : Received his Certificate of Education 3rd class

December 2nd: Hospitalized in Dury

July 21st, 1880 : Promoted staff sergeant

February2nd, 1881 : Hospitalized in Chester

May 15th, 1882 : Hospitalized in Manchester

February 23rd : Hospitalized in Preston

August 1884 : Army Hospital Corps changed for the Army Medical Staff

February 1st, 1886 : Promoted 1st class Staff Sergeant

April 1st, 1886 : Received his Good conduct Long Service Medal

October 29th, 1887 : Discharged in Preston, Lancashire

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography

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