Staff Nurse Hetty Elizabeth Milnes A.R.R.C.

Staff Nurse Hetty Elizabeth Milnes served during WW1 with the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military nurses. She is entitled to the Royal Red Cross 2nd class, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

Born on July 4th, 1879 in Mont Kerry, Montgomery, Wales

1881 United Kingdom census : Listed as living with her grand-mother, Mary Downes, on a 153 acres farm in Great Cloddia, Kerry, Montgomeryshire, Wales. Also living with her her aunt, Sarah Downes born in 1846, her uncle, Walter Downes born 1854 and her uncle, William born 1850. They also had 4 servants Richard Trow (born 1846), Samuel Tudor (born 1864), Daniel Edwards (born 1858) and Maria Jones (born 1867)

1901 United Kingdom census : She was an elementary school teacher and living in the school’s house in Kerry Montgomery county. Her father was James L. and he was a schoolmaster, Her mother’s name was Agnes. She had three sisters Dora E, Hilda A., Mildred B. and two brothers Alan D. and William M.

1911 United Kingdom census : Listed as living in St Pancras district in London

May 25th, 1915 : Enlisted with the Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military nurses. She had previously worked at the Royal Infirmary in Shrewbury.

Trade : nurse for a doctor                    status : single

February  : Posted at the 3rd Hospital in Western Cardiff until May 24th, 1916.

May 25th, 1917 : Posted at the 57th British General Hospital in Marseilles, France with the B.E.F.

July 28th : She cut her forehead and dislocated her major finger in her right hand when tripping over a cord from a tent and fell on the ground. She received a three weeks permission.

She left the 57th British General Hospital.

June 6th, 1918 : Permission until June 20th.

1919, July 31st : Awarded the Royal Red Cross Second Class (London Gazette). She was with the 1st  London General Hospital in Camberwell

End of June : Posted at the 47th General Hospital in Bonn, Germany until August 21st, 1919 when she left Germany.

September 6th : Arrived at the Special Surgical Hospital in Manchester.

November 12th : Demobilised at the Special Surgical Hospital in Manchester.

Address after demobilisation : Kerry Newroom, Montgomeryshire

Served with Territorial Force Nursing Service from February 27th, 1916 to November 18th, 1919.

September 3rd, 1922 : Promoted from the rank of Sister.

1930, November 14th, : Sailed on the Empress of Australia from South Hampton to New York City. Sailed back to United Kingdom on early April 1931

December 31st, 1934 : Retired after reaching the mandatory age of retirement, 55.

1968 : Died (April-May-June) in Basford, United Kingdom

Typical Royal Red Cross second class WW1 medals group with a Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service cape badge

click on the images to enlarge

Uniform worn by Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military nurses WW1 (note the cape badge worn on the right side of the cape)

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