Private John Wilkinson

Private John Wilkinson served in the Royal Army Medical Corps during the 1898 Sudan campaign, the Boers’ war and WW1. He is entitled to the Queen’s Sudan 1896-98 Medal, the Queen’s South Africa Medal, the King’s South Africa Medal, the 1914 Star with clasp, the British War Medal, the Victory Medal and the Khedive’s Sudan 1896-1908 (no clasp).

Born on October 1877 in Nelson, Lancashire, England

Trade : weaver         Hair : brown          Eyes : brown

Religion : Church of England    Height : 5’6″      Weight : 136 lbs

October 4th 1897 : Enlisted in the Medical Staff Corps in Burnley

December 23rd : Finished his training at the Medical Staff School in Aldershot and promoted 3rd class Orderly

April 1st, 1898 : All the Medical Staff Corps personnel transferred to the Royal Army Medical Corps

Sudan campaign

July 4th : Left Aldershot on the SS G___ngo (unreadable from his file). Arrived in Cairo on July 28th.

April 15th, 1899 : Suffered from enteric fever

May 20th : Back home

October 4th : Granted Good Conduct Pay

July 22nd : Posted at the Tower of London

Boer’s war

January 1st, 1900 : According to his file, he sailed to South Africa on the ship Cyric but according to the shipping list no unit of the RAMC sailed on that ship on that day but the 3rd Division Field Hospital sailed to South Africa on the ship America on that day.

Drawing showing Royal Army Medical Corps on the battlefield

July 1st : Appointed 2nd class Orderly

July 1st, 1901 : Appointed 1st class Orderly

September 23rd, 1902 : Returned back to United Kingdom. Probably returned home on the Sicilia (left Durban on September 18th)

December 27th : Transferred to the Reserve

December 27th, 1903 : Discharged from the army

April 4th, 1904 : Married Maude Spencer. From that union two children were born in Nelson, Lancashire, Dorothy (November 29th 1905) and Jamie (March 29th 1911)

June 12th, 1913 : Rejoined the R.A.M.C.

First World War

August 16th, 1914 : Embarked on the Dublin. Arrived in Havre on the 18th.

Served in the field with the 1st battalion East Surreys regiment

November 26th, 1915 : Transferred to the 13th Field Ambulance

January 29th, 1916 : Admitted at the 13th Field Ambulance for rheumatism and arthritis to the knee

May 12th : Transferred to the 24th British General Hospital

March 25th, Appointed Corporal and reverted to the rank of acting Corporal on April 7th.

April 23rd : Appointed Corporal and Lance-Cergeant on June 29th.

August 30th, 1918 : Appointed acting Sergeant

February 4th, 1919 : Proceeded to England and arrived in England the next day.

March 5th : Discharged – address on discharge 15 Raglan street, Nelson Lancashire

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

Private John Wilkinson Medals Index Card WW1

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