Sergeant James Fitzgerald

Sergeant James Fitzgerald served in the Army Hospital Corps and the Medical Staff Corps during the South African campaign of 1877 and in the Egypt Campaign of 1885 in Suakin, Sudan. He is entitled to the South Africa 1877-79 Medal with no clasp, the Egypt 1882 Medal with the Suakin 1885 clasp, the Khedive’s Star and the Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. His enlistment number is 3326.

Born in Kilkenny, Ireland on November 1857

Height : 5’6”       Eyes : blue        hair : black

Roman Catholic     marital status : single     Trade : Laborer

November 15th 1875 : Enlisted in Kilkenny Ireland in the 69th Brigade

James Fitzgerald enlistment paper (page 1)

James Fitzgerald enlistment paper (page 2)

May 13th, 1876 : Appointed lance-corporal

February 15th, 1877 : Transferred to the Army Hospital Corps but reverted to the rank of Private.

February 20th, 1879 : Arrived in South Africa

August 10th, 1881 : Appointed Lance-Corporal and 2nd Corporal on August 30th

December 5th : Left South Africa

July 9th, 1882 : Married Rebecca Grace

May 12th, 1883 : Promoted Corporal

January 1st, 1885 : Arrived in Egypt

April 1st : Left Egypt

October 26th, 1887 : Transferred to the Army medical Staff with the rank of Corporal

November 16th : Entitled to the Good Conduct Pay

February 1st, 1888 : Promoted to the rank of Sergeant

November 16th, 1891 : Entitled to the Good Conduct Pay

April 1st, 1894 : Received his Army Long Service and Good Conduct medal

June 23rd, 1895 : Promoted to the rank of 2nd Class Staff Sergeant

November 16th, 1896 : Discharged

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