Captain Claude Hollingworth Philips

Captain Claude Hollingworth Philips served in the Royal Army Medical Corps during WW1 and after WW1 in Afghanistan. He also served with South African Medical Corps during WW2. He is entitled to the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal, the Victory Medal, the India General Service Medal 1908-35 clasp Afghanistan North West Fronter 1919, the WW2 War Medal (South Africa) and the Africa Service Medal.

July 26th , 1889: He was born in Lucerne, Switzerland. His father was Colonel James Philips of the Indian Staff Corps

1901 UK census : Listed as a school boarder in Bexhill, Sussex, England

1914 : Qualified as Licentiate in Medicine and Surgery of the Society of Apothecaries (London Hospital)

Captain Philips WW1 Medal Index Card

March 18th 1915 : Married to Dorothy Suthers at St-James Church in Middlesex. He was a lieutenant in the Royal Army Medical Corps and his father was a retired Colonel. Listed as living at Milton house, Clarence street, Brighton. He still had the same address in the 1919 medical Register.

Claude H Philips wedding

June 15th : Transferred to France with the rank of Lieutenant.

February 15th 1917: Relinquished his rank of Captain

November 27th: He was promoted to temporary Captain (London Gazette)

November 1919: Promoted to the rank of Captain (full)

Served in the Afghanistan Campaign with an Indian Field Ambulance

1920 : Practised medicine in Tanzania, Africa.

October 1st, 1923 : He applied for the medals. His addresses were given as Lincoln Hall Hotel, Upper Bedford Place, London W.C., and ‘Melrose’, College Hill, Steyning, Sussex.

In the Medical Register of that year his address is in Tanganyika (Tanzania) Territory Medical Service was stationed at Zanzibar for 16 years.

1927-1955 : His address is now East Africa Medical Service

March 1941 : Moved to Durban South Africa (302 Montpelier road) and register as a doctor.

During WW2 : Served with the South Africa Medical Corps.

1946 : Moved back from South Africa to United Kingdom. His address in South Africa was 302 Montpelier road, Durban

July 31st, 1948 : Arrived from in South Hampton, U.K. on the Durban Castle from Port Elizabeth, South Africa

March 14th, 1958 : Arrived in UK on the Warwick Castle from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He intended to stay 11 months in United Kingdom.

December 4th: Sailed from South Hampton, United Kingdom on the Winchester castle to Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

1959 : From the Medical Register, listed as living Port Elizabeth, South Africa

December 30th, 1960 : Sailed on the Athlone Castle from Durban, South Africa and arrived in South Hampton United Kingdom on that day. He intended to stay 12 months in United Kingdom.

1964 : From the Medical Register, listed as living on 5 New Road, Steyning, Sussex.

1968 : Not listed in the Medical Register.

1973 : Died in Sussex (in the fourth quarter)

This gentleman had a most interesting military and medicine career serving in three military campaigns (WW1, Afghanistan and WW2) with two countries. He also practiced medicine in four countries and two continents. One of a few men who probably seeked adventure before money.

If you know more information on this gentleman especially about his military service, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography and also I would like to know the whereabouts of his military medals.

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