Corporal Ernest Dickerson

Corporal Ernest Dickerson served in the 13th battalion (Montreal Blackwatch)  Canadian Expeditionary Forces during WW1. He is entitled to the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. His enlistment number was 24349.

Born on March 19th, 1892 in North Hampton England

Trade : painter       Weight : 157 lbs.   Religion : Church of England     

Height : 5’6″           Eyes : grey                  Hair: fair

August 25th, 1914 : Arrived in Valcartier, Quebec. They left Montreal the night before

He served 6 years in the Northampton regiment prior to his enlistment.

Name of his father : Charles Dickerson    

Address : 48 East street, Northampton, England

Name of his wife : Constance Mary Dickerson

Address : 361 Wilson street Sault Ste Marie

September 23rd : Enlisted in the 13th battalion “C” company in Valcartier, Quebec. Embarked on the Alaunia on September 25th and they waited for 4 days before leaving on September 30th. Arrived in Gaspe Basin on October 2nd and departed on October 4th. Arrived in Plymouth, England on October 15th and disembarked around 10:00 pm. Arrived on Salisbury Plain on the 16th.

February 11th, 1915 : Embarked for France on ship Novian in Avonmouth, England. Arrived in St-Nazaire, France on February 15th. But they couldn’t disembarked until the afternoon of the next day, the 16th. They took the train and reached Hazebrouck late February 19th.

March 6th : The battalion was put in the front line for the first time. They were relieved on March 9th.

March 20th : Drunk and absent for duty (sentenced to 1 hour of extra drill for a week)

April 22nd : The Second battle of Yores started at 3 pm. The Germans launched a massive artillery bombardment on the Canadian line followed by a gas attack. The Turcos regiment on their left were overwhelmed and left their position, the 13th was attacked by the rear. The shelling continued the next morning and twice they were push back from their position and twice they regained it with a counter-attack but only to be welcomed by an intense German artillery barrage. They were gassed again on the 24th and finally relieved by the British on the 25th.

May 24th: Hospitalized at the 3rd Canadian Field Ambulance (hemorrhoids). Returned to his unit May 29th.

July 27th: Promoted to corporal

December 3rd to 12th: On leave to England

April 15th, 1916 Gun shot wound at his left foot at Ypres whilst taking platoon into new part of the trenches. He was also gazed. Transferred to England on the ship St-George after that he was he was admitted at the 2nd Canadian Stationary Hospital on the 22nd. Foot completely healed on May 8th.

June 2nd: At around 8 am the Germans launched an artillery barrage on the Canadian position. At 1:45 pm, the Germans launched their foot attack on the trench. The 13th, which was in reserve was called for reinforcement urgently and reached the front late that day. Their counter-attack was planned for June 3rd, 8 am But they were not able to reach their objective

June 13th: At 1:30 am The battalion launched an attack to regain their original position that they were occupying at the start of the month.

He then went to United, Kingdom and his war in France was over.

June 20th: Admitted to hospital in Shorncliffe (chancroid). Discharged July 4th.

September 30th, Admitted to hospital  in Shorncliffe (syphilis) Discharged on October 18th, 1916.

January 4th, 1917 : Transferred to the 5th Reserve battalion in Sandling.

October 18th : Returned to Canada on SS Grampian

November 16th, 1918 : Appointed to Company Sergeant major

November 30th, 1919 : Discharged

September 24th, 1964 : Died in Saint-Thomas, Ontario and buried at Elmdale memorial cemetery Section A, row 358 grave A

WW1 1915 trio (1914-15 Star, British War Medal and Victory Medal)

WW1 trio

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography

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