Trooper William Henry Mercier

Trooper William Henry Mercier served in 74th Dublin company Imperial Yeomanry during the Boers War and during WW1 in United Kingdom. He is entitled to the Queen’s South Africa Medal (clasps Cape Colony Orange Free State Transvaal). His enlistment number was 32504.

Born on April 1880 in Callan, Kilkenny, Ireland

Name of his mother: Rachel Mercier

March 1st, 1901 : Enlisted in Dublin, Ireland in the 74th Company Imperial Yeomanry.

The 8th Battalion was composed of these companies ; 23rd (Lancashire) Company Co-sponsored by Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry Cavalry, and Lancashire Hussars, the 24th (Westmorland and Cumberland) Company, the 74th (Dublin) Company Transferred 1902 from 16th Battalion, the 77th (Manchester) Company Sponsored by Lancashire Hussars, 99th (Irish) Company and the 105th (Manchester) Company

Trade : none             Height : 5′ 10″

Weight : 159 lbs.        Eyes : brown

March 1st until March 21st : Served at home (21 days)

March 21st until August 31st, 1902 : Served in South Africa (1 year and 163 days)

August 11th : Sailed from South Africa on the Norham Castle (from the Cape Times Weekly)

August 31st : The Norham Castle arrived Southampton Saturday morning (from the London Times)

September 1st until September 7th : Served at home (7 days)

September 7th : Discharged

WW1 : William Henry Mercier probably served during WW1. One Medal Index Card does have his name but does not show service in France.

William Mercier Medal Index Card

1935 : Died last semester of the year. According to the age on his death certificate, I think he lied about his age on enlistment. He was probably born in 1870

There was another Mercier in the 74th Company, named Charles Mercier 32560 who died on May 8th, 1902. (probably his brother).

Queen’s South Africa Medal

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