Private Arthur Clark

Private Arthur Clark served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps during WW1. He is entitled to the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. His enlistment number is 535653

Born on August 19th 1891 in Bristol, England

Trade : painter       Religion : Church of England      Status : married

Height : 5′ 7″        Eyes : grey    Hair: brown             Weight : 140 lbs.

Name of his wife : Rose Clark  and she was living at 376 Wellington street, Toronto, Ontario

May 1st 1916 : Enlisted in the Sanitary Section 4th Canadian division in Toronto, Ontario

May 29th, 1916 : Arrived in England on SS Empress of Britain

June 6th : Detailed to Canadian prisoners for 1st Workers sanitary training course

August 16th : Sent to France

December 11th : Admitted to the 12th Canadian Field Ambulance for influenza. Discharged on December 16th.

August 8th, 1917 : Admitted to the 11th Canadian Field Ambulance. Transferred to the 6th Canadian Casulties Clearing Station on August 11th. Transferred to the 6th Convalescent Depot on August 17th. Discharged to camp on August 20th.

October 6th : Taken on strength with the 4th Canadian Sanitary Section

November 17th : Returned to Canada on SS Saxonia

In December he had 7 children, the eldest was 14

January 21st, 1918 : Discharged

Died on March 20th, 1927 at St-Christie’s Hospital in Toronto, Ontario, He is buried in Prospect Cemetery, Veteran’s Section Section 7, grave 2173

Private Clarke – Farm Records (Cause of death)

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A Memorial Cross was sent to his mother Elizabeth Clark St Michael’s Hill, Bristol, England.

September 17th : Memorial Plaque was despatched to his widow. Although there is no note in his file, his wife should have also received a Memorial Cross. She was living at 376 Wellington st west, Toronto

January 31st, 1928 : The Memorial Scroll was despatched to his widow. (Usually the Memorial Scroll and the Memorial Plaque were despatched at the same time, I do not know why they were sent separatly)

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

Private Arthur Clarke Victory Medal

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  • Diane P. Gleed  On 2014/10/04 at 10:27

    … appreciate your work and postings!
    May I offer corrections, figuring transcription is often difficult due to poor legibility of records?
    RE: Private Arthur Clark (definitely no “E” at the end of the Clark name)
    Arthur was born 19 August “1971”, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.
    December, 1917, he had “9” children, the oldest age 21, and two older step-sons.
    Family information is that Arthur died due to having been “gassed” during his WW1 service. This is consistent with the contributory cause of death — hemiplegic valvular disease. The primary cause of death was acute heart failure.
    Arthur Edwin Clark is my great grandfather.
    Diane P. Gleed

  • Diane P. Gleed  On 2017/01/14 at 23:22

    … sorry for my error / typo. Please correct Arthur’s date of birth —- should be 19 August 1871.

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