Acting Lance-Corporal James Walter Green

Acting Lance-Corporal James Walter Green served with the 5th Royal Irish Lancers during the Boers’ War (not sure) and with the 127th battalion in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces during World War One. He is entitled to the Queen’s South Africa Medal (clasp entitlement is unknown) and the British War Medal. His WW1 service number was 778978 and his War service badge B number was C 13720.

He was born on June 18th, 1872 in Middlesex, England. This is the date on his WW1 enlistment paper but I am not sure about the year he was born. The only James W Green I found in the 1881 census were older by a couple of years


In his WW1 enlistment paper he stated that he served in the 5th Royal Irish Lancers from February 1888 until 1900 (discharged in Portsmouth, England), there is a note (local casualty) underneath the topic “Medals decoration” on his discharge paper. I was unable to find any trace of him for the service records for the Boer’s war period, no file, no trace on any list. I wondered if he did not embelish his story just to make sure they would accept him in the Canadian Army during WW1.


He enlisted as a private in the Stanley Barracks Guard from August 6th, 1915 until February 19th, 1916. He had some service in the 12 th York Ranger (Toronto)

Religion : Church of England       Status : married      Height : 5′ 5″

Eyes : blue       Hair : dark      Weight : 151 lbs       Trade : plasterer

Name of his wife : Mary Jane Green Address : 85 Morse street, Toronto

Name of his son : James Walter Green born in 1899

March 7 th, 1916 : He was transferred to the Canadian Expeditionary Forces. He enlisted in the 127th battalion in Toronto, Ontario

August 21 st : He sailed from Halifax on SS Olympic and arrived in England on August 30.

September 1st : He was promoted to Lance-Corporal.

He was delcared medically unfit just after arriving in United Kingdom. According to his medical report he had “ Weakness of legs following old fractures, overage 49 years, varicose, old compound fracture”

May 5 th, 1917 : On command to District Depot, Buxton pending embarkment to Canada

May 12th : He embarked for Canada.

June 13th : Demobilised in Québec City, Quebec. On his discharge certificate there the note “10% incapacity but not due to service”

Lance-Corporal James Walter Green is a good example of men who enlisted in the army but did not meet all the required physical criterias. They were sent back to Canada as soon as the problem was discovered on their arrival in United Kingdom. There was so much pressure on army recruiter to meet their quotas that at some point they started enlisting men who were not fit for military duties just in order to meet they numbers. Many of those unfit men were just sent back as soon as they reached England

He died in 1941

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography

Acting Lance-Corporal James Walter Green British War Medal

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