Private John Neilson

Private John Neilson served with the 2nd battalion Scots Guards in Egypt in 1885. He is entitled to the Egypt Medal 1885 clasp Suakin and the Khedive’s Star.

He was born in 1864 in Cockpen, Midlothian, United Kingdom

He enlisted on June 4th 1883 in Edinburgh, Scotland in the Scots Guards

Height: 5’ 8”       Weight: 129 lbs.               Hair : Brown

Eyes: Hazel         Religion: Presbyterian

September 1st, 1884: he was appointed Lance-Corporal

February 21st, 1885: He paraded at Wellington Barracks before embarking for Egypt

March 9th : The regiment was posted to an outpost position near Suakin, They were harassed by the enemy during the night.

May 8th : He received his Khaki clothing. it was the first time the regiment used that color before that their tunic was the well-known scarlet red.

May 16th : The 2nd battalion Scots Guards regiment embarked for Alexandria

July 8th : He left Egypt for Cyprus where they arrived on July 11th. They stayed there until September 10th

September 11th : Back home. He was stationed in Dublin upon his arrival

November 10th: He was promoted Corporal

September 1886: He was stationed in London

February 3rd, 1887: Judge by a District Court Martial and reduced to the rank of Private for striking a soldier

October 10th, 1888: He was hospitalized for 193 days due to syphilis

May 30th, 1890: He was appointed Lance-Corporal

June 3rd, 1895: He left the army completing his 12 years for Short Service

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

Private John Neilson’s medals (Obverse and reverse)

On the picture you clearly see that he wore his medals many times because of the damage done to the Egypt Medal(left) by the Khedive’s Star(right). This is the unfortunate result of the impact of the strong bronze made Star on the smoother silver made Egypt medal.

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