Canada WW1 recruitment poster – part 1

One of the things that I found interesting in my many historical discoveries over the years are the recruitment posters they used to attract young Canadians in the army during Wolrd War One. Although not called like that at the time, it was a propaganda campaign to get the Canadian men to join the Canadian Expeditionary Forces and fight against the Germans. Different posters were produced by many Canadian artists and the campaign was built around around a few themes.

Also you see a clear difference in the message used in most of the French-Canadian poster. The marketing “used” to attract the French-Canadian was clearly different than the one used to attract the English-Canadian.

This first post is a series of three posts on the subject. One of the aspect used in the campaign were the emotions. These are a few examples of poster targeting a specific emotion

Some were meant to spread fear into the Canadian population depicting Germans as children and women killer

boche 2

Here the German soldier walk over the dead body of a woman boche

This poster is reffering to the Sinking of the Hospital Ship Llandovery Castel in June 1918 by a german submarine. It was the one single event during World War One where the most Canadian women died.


The lovely kid with blond hair and green eyes imploring her dad

little girl

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