Private Jack Wilson

Private Jack Wilson served in the 24th battalion Canadian Expeditionary Forces during World War One. He is entitled to the British war medal and Victory Medal.

Born on June 18th 1898 in Reserve Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Trade : labourer          Religion : Roman Catholic          Status : single

Height : 5′ 9″                Eyes : brown                                  Hair : black

Weight : 160 lbs

Name of his father : William Wilson                       Address : New Waterford, Cape Breton

December 6th, 1915 : Enlisted in the 69th battalion (Montreal) in St John, New Brunswick

January 19th, 1916: Declared a deserter by a Court of Inquiry. February 9th, 1916 he was sentenced to 24 days forfeit pays and 28 days detention for absence from 22:00 January 16th until 18:00 February 8th.

April 17th: Embarked for England. Arrived in England on April 27th.

July 5th : 28 days forfeit pay for drunkenness, using obscene language and breaking camp rules.

August 17th : Drafted in the 24th battalion

September 9th : Gun shot wounds at the left shoulder during the battle of the Somme. Discharged from Hospital on November 11th.

February 1917 : Attached to the 3rd  Canadian Command Depot

April 23rd: Trialed under the accusation “While on active duty absenting himself without a leave in that “ at St Leonard on Sea, Sussex at 10:30 April 1st, 1917 while under arrest he illegally absented himself until he surrendered himself at 9:00 pm same date. Sentenced to 28 days imprisonment (14 days were remitted)

June 6th : Sentenced to 18 months hard labour for absence without a leave

August 28th : Made his will, he left everything to his father.

September 2nd : Left England for France

January 2nd, 1918 : 7 days forfeit pays for absence from parade from 7:45 December 28th,  until 13:00 December 28th.

February 20th: 6 days forfeit pays for absence without a leave from 14:00 February 11th until 23:15 February 11th.

April 3rd: 4 days forfeit pay for absence without a leave from 20:30 March 23rd, until 9:30 March 24th.

April 4th : Trench fever. Discharged from hospital on April 12th.

August 8th : Hospitalized for gun shot wounds with fracture of the tibia at the 2nd Canadian Stationary Hospital. Discharged from hospital on December 18th.

January 14th: 3 days forfeit pay for absence without a leave from late January 2nd until 22:00 h January 3rd.

January 26th: 4 days forfeit pay for absence without a leave from 9:00 January 16th until 8:00 h January 20th.

February 23rd: Embarked for in Liverpool, England for Canada on HMT Belgic. Arrived in Halifax, Canada on March 2nd.

Demobilised on March 25th, 1919 in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Died on December 1st 1960

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