Corporal John Easton

Corporal John Easton served in the 2nd battalion Scots Guards during the 1885 Egypt Campaign. He is entitled to theEgypt Medal clasp Suakin 1885

he was born October of 1849 in Glasgow, Scotland

Religion : Presbyterian          Trade : blacksmith     Height : 5′ 11″

Eyes : grey                   Hair: dark brown        Weight : 138 lbs

November 20th, 1869: He enlisted in the Scots Fusiliers Guards in Glasgow, Scotland.

Between March 17th, 1871 and August 11th 1874 he was imprisoned 11 times for the same motive; absence without a leave

September 30th, 1873: Hospitalized in Dublin for syphilis and again on September 1st, 1876 for the same disease but this time in London.

September 28th, 1879: Married to Alice Mattews

October 9th: Re-engaged to complete his 21 years

July 28th, 1882: Appointed Lance-Corporal and back to the rank of Private on January 24th, 1883.

July 6th: Hospitalized in Windsor for ulcer

July 27th, 1884: He was appointed Lance-Corporal a second time and he was appointed Corporal on July 25th.

February 21st, 1885: The battalion paraded at Wellington Barracks before embarking for Egypt

Suakin 3

March 9th: Posted to an outpost position near Suakin (nightly harassment)

May 8th: The battalion received their Khaki clothing (first time in the regiment)

May 16th: The battalion embarked for Alexandria

July 8th: They eft Egypt for Cyprus where they arrived on July 11th and were back home on September 11th

November 20th, 1888: Promoted to Lance-Sergeant

May 1st, 1889: He was promoted Sergeant

October 12th, 1891: He was permitted to continue in service beyond 21 years

He was discharged on June 22nd, 1892. He had served for 22 years and 215 days

September 22nd, 1927: He was still claiming a pension and it was revised for the last time on that day.

If you know additional information on this gentleman, please leave me a comment so I can add the information to his small biography.

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