Private Charles Philip Taylor

Private Charles Philip Taylor served in the Royal Marines Light Infantry during World War One and with the Royal Marine Police after the war. He is entitled to the 1914-15 Star, the British War Medal, the Victory Medal, the Royal Navy Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, the Defence Medal and the 1939-45 War Medal

He was born in Swanwick, near Southampton, Hampshire on October 4th, 1892.

He enlisted into the Royal Marines on June 15th, 1909. His trade was farm labourer
Height: 5’ 6”          Eyes: Brown           Religion: Church of England

He passed his swim test on April 18th, 1910.

He was attached to the Portsmouth Division on November 10th and embarked on the H.M.S. Crescent (cruise) on April 5th, 1911 and served on that ship until September 15th.

He served on the H.M.S. Cambrian (cruiser) from December 11th 1912 to January 14th 1914.

He served on the H.M.S. Venerable (battleship) from July 28th, 1914 to November 4th, 1918.


Picture of H.M.S. Venerable

From October 27th, 1914 to October 30th, she was attached to the Dover Patrol for bombardment duties in support of Allied troops fighting on the front, and bombarded German positions along the Belgian coast between Westende and Lombardsijde On 3 November, H.M.S. Venerable was detached to support the East Coast Patrol during the Gorleston Raid, then returned to the 5th Battle Squadron.

The 5th Battle Squadron transferred from Portland to Sheerness on 14 November to guard against a possible German invasion of the United Kingdom. The squadron returned to Portland on 30 December.

H.M.S. Venerable bombarded German positions near Westende from March 11th 1915 and May 10th. On 12 May, she was ordered to the Dardanelles. From 14 August to 21 August, H.M.S. Venerable supported Allied attacks on Ottoman Turkish positions at Suvla Bay.

In October, H.M.S. Venerable arrived at Gibraltar for a refit. Emerging from the refit in December, she transferred to the Adriatic Sea to reinforce the Italian Navy, serving there until December 1916. She then returned to the United Kingdom, arriving at Portsmouth Dockyard on December 19th, where she was laid up. In February and March 1918 H.M.S. Venerable was refitted there as a depot ship, and she moved to Portland on 27 March to serve as a depot ship. She was attached to the Northern Patrol through August, then to the Southern Patrol from September to December.

He received the Good Conduct Chevrons for 1914-15-16 and 1917.

He received the 1914-15 Star on July 12th, 1920.

He received his British War Medal and Victory Medal on September 14th, 1921.

He embarked on the Queen Elisabeth on June 10th, 1922 and served onboard until August 13th, 1924. During that period the ship was deployed with the Atlantic Fleet.

He was awarded the Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal on November 29th 1925 and the gratuity was awarded on December 1st.
He embarked on the H.M.S. Revenge (battleship) on August 14th, 1924 and served onboard until January 4th, 1927. The ship was part of the Atlantic Fleet.


Picture of H.M.S. Revenge taken during WW2

From January 4th, 1927 until his discharge, on October 3rd 1931, he served at port. On his discharge, he was then transferred to the Royal Fleet Reserve.

He joined the Chatham Division of the Royal Marine Police on December 19th 1931 and served until his final discharge in June 20th 1943. He served for 34 years with the Royal Marines.

His Defence Medal and War Medal were sent to Royal Marines Police office in Portsea, Portsmouth

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

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