Private Montague Chambers

Private Montague Chambers served in the 42nd battalion Black Watch (Montreal) during WW1. He is entitled to the British War Medal and the Victory Medal. His enlistment number was 192659. His War Service Badge class “A” number was 93031.

he was born on September 8th 1880 in London, England      Trade : tailor

Religion : Church of England   Status : married    Hair: black

Eyes : brown     Weight : 140 lbs      Height : 5′ 3″

Name of his wife : Violet Chambers   Address :  20 Ottawa street,  Toronto

August 3rd, 1915 : He enlisted in Toronto, Ontario in the 92nd battalion as a bugler

November 27th, 1915 : He sailed from Halifax on S.S. Lapland

December 5th, 1915 : He was transferred to the 43rd battalion

January 28th, 1916 : He was transferred to the 17th battalion

He arrived with the 42nd battalion beginning of March.

March 15th : Left for France with the 42nd battalion. They arrived in the trenches near Ypres

May 18th : he was admitted to the 10th Canadian Field Ambulance. He was discharged on June 7th.

September 20th : Admitted at the hospital for pyrexia of unknown origin. Discharged from hospital on November 11th.

April 9th, 1917: Battle of Vimy Ridge.

April 1918: From April 12th to May 7th the battalion was on the front line making that stay at the front line, their longest stay of WW1.

August 8th : First day of the Battle of Amiens. The battalion was bivouacked in the rear lines. They joined the front line on August 11th.

August 26 : First day of the battle of Scarpe, they joined the front line the next day.

September 26th : First day of the battle of the Canal du Nord, the battalion was in the rear lines. During the night of the 28th, they moved to the front and launched their attack on the Douai-Cambrai road the next day, the 29th.

November: The battalion has been assigned the task of recapturing the city of Mons before the ceasing of hostilities at 11:00. By day break the battalion had mopped the city and established outpost on the eastern outskirt of the city

March 1st, 1919 : Battalion entrained at Liphook Station for Liverpool where they sailed for Canada on the R.M.S. Adriatic

March 1st 1919: Embarked on RMS Adriatic and arrived in Halifax on March 9th. They entrained for Montreal and arrived on March 11th. He was demobilized in Toronto, Ontario

Address after demobilisation : 29 Gibson street, Toronto, Ontario

September 22nd, 1958 : Died

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography

Private Montague Chambers WW1 medals

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