Inspector Kate Galt and Jessie Robertson

Over the years I have been lucky with almost every research I did, I was able to find some information in almost every person I research except a few. Most of them are women, they are particularly difficult to research for two main reasons;

–        Many time even if they were participating at the war effort, women were part of civilian organisation and those did not kept any record on their service

–        After they involvement in the war effort many of those women married and changed their name, if you cannot find with whom they married, you lose their track right there.

It’s even more difficult if their name is common.

Here are two of those women for whom I was not able to find information.

Inspector Kate Galt served British Red Cross and Saint John of Jerusalem during WW1. She is entitled to theBritish War Medal and the Victory Medal.

Information taken from British Red Cross list 1914-18

Her rank was Inspector

Her Certificate number was 16487 and it was issued after august 1917

Her Passport Reference was 186094

and the Department she worked at is listed as “Canadian”, meaning she probably worked for the Canadians

Jessie Robertson served with Voluntary Aid Detachment during WW1. She is entitled to the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

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