Private Joseph Pierre Télésphore Parent

Private Joseph Pierre Télésphore Parent served in 2nd Quebec Regiment (Quebec) with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces during WW1. He is entitled to the British War Medal only. His enlistment number was 4035421.

Born on June 13th, 1897 in Riviere a Pierre, Quebec                Trade : labourer

Religion : Roman Catholic               Status : single                        Height : 5′ 5″

Eyes : blue                                        Hair : pale                              Weight : 140 lbs.

Name of his mother : Malvina Parent       Address : Shawinigan Falls, Quebec

Enlisted on November 11th, 1917 in Montreal, Quebec in the 10th Canadian Reserve battalion

Embarked on SS Oxfordshire on June 26th, 1918 in Halifax. Arrived in Liverpool, England on July 15th.

He served only in United Kingdom and never went to France.

Embarked on the H.M.T. Caronia on June 25th, 1919.

Demobilized on July 4th, 1919.

In January 1960 he made a request to Canadian Veteran’s Affairs for a pension.

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

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  • Stanley Parent  On 2015/04/08 at 15:06

    This info is about my father. I question the return ship the H.M.T. Carona (I think it should read Corona) as it was sunk in 1916… will keep digging and will advise you of my findings… everything else seems to be right on…

  • Nelson  On 2015/04/08 at 19:42

    I went back to his WW1 file and I made a typo mistake, the name of the ship is Caronia, not Carona. Thanks for telling me. Can you tell me where he is buried? I like to take a photo of the gravestone and add to the biography when it is possible

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