Private Charles Forbes Simpson

Private Charles Forbes Simpson served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps during World War One. He is entitled to the 1914-15 Star, British War Medal and the Victory Medal. His enlistment number was 03673. He received two War Service Badge, his badge class A # 256016 and his badge class B # 52851

Born on August 13th, 1897 in Sarnia, Ontario

Trade : Machinist     Religion :         Civil status : Single

Height  : 6′ 1″      Eyes : Blue    Hair : Fair       Weight  : 177 lbs.

Information from the 1901 Canadian Census

He was living in Sarnia, Ontario. His father’s name was Henry, his mother’s name was Mary. He was the last of 8 children.

June 26th 1915 : Enlisted in Sarnia, Ontario in the Canadian Army Medical Corps Reinforcement Depot 3rd Canadian Stationary Hospital

August 1st : Sailed to Malta then to Alexandria en route to the Aegean sea.

August 16th : Reached the Port of Mudros on the Greek Island of Lemnos.

August 22nd : The 3rd Canadian Stationary Hospital became operational on the island and they received their first patient at 10:00 am.

The hospital was part of a relief effort sent to help overcrowded Anzac medical services which could not take the large influx of wounded soldiers from the Gallipoli campaign. The Canadian Hospital was hastily sent to the island and they were not prepared to served under these conditions. It needed two nurses to change a patient wound dressing, one to change the dressing and one to fan out the flies of the wound (no joke here). Excessive heat and poor sanitary conditions were the contributing factors at spreading disease. Many of its members felt hill to disentry, some even died on the island.

He was there at the same time as Nursing Sister Mary Catherine English, John William Small, Mabel Clint and Nursing Sister Mary Frances Elizabeth Munro

October 8th : He was admitted to the hospital. He was discharged on October 14th.

November 21st: He was admitted again to the 3rd Canadian Stationary Hospital. He was discharged on November 28th.

February 5th 1916 : The 3rd Canadian Stationary Hospital left the Island of Mudros and arrived in Alexandria, Egypt on February 8th.

March 26th : The unit sailed from Egypt to England on the HMS Valdivia, transferred on the the HMS Britannic in Port Augusta, Sicily on March 28th and reached South Hampton, England on April 7th.

They were then put on another ship and sent to Havre, France where they arrived on April 8th. The unit was then taken by truck and lorries to Boulogne, France where they established their base.

July 23rd : Admitted (tonsillitis) to the 3rd Canadian Stationary Hospital

August 30th : Transferred to England on H.S Dieppe

May 9th, 1918 : Taken on strength to C.A.M.C. Depot in Shorncliffe

December 21st : Absent without a leave until January 31st, 1919. He was sentenced to 27 days forfeit pays.

February 2nd, 1919 : Invalidated to Canada

February 13th : Arrived in Portland, Maine on ship Araguaya

April 7th : Discharged

June 1st, 1973 : Died at the Cambridge Nursing Center in North Clawson

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

Picture of Private Charles Forbes Simpson

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

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  • gpcox  On 2013/08/18 at 06:27

    Always happy to see the medical corps and/or chaplains honored. Going into combat unarmed is above and beyond.

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