Private P J Walsh and Staff-Sergeant G J Richards

Private P J Walsh served in Palestine before and in WW2 with the Royal Army Medical Corps. He is entitled to the General Service Medal (clasp Palestine)  1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Defence Medal and 1939-45 War Medal. His enlistment number 7260934

He served in Palestine in 1939. He was stationed at Reception Station in Jerusalem

He served in Europe and in North-Africa during WW2

According to the medals roll, he received his General Service Medal in 1959 which is consistent with the wide shoulder suspension of the medal and it lists him as a sergeant.

Staff-Sergeant G J Richards served during WW2 and in the Malaya Campaign in the 1950 with Royal Army Medical Corps. He is entitled to the 1939/45 Star, Burma Star, Defence medal, War Medal, the General Service Medal (clasp Malaya) and the Efficiency Medal (bar Territorial). His enlistment number was 7356346.

Served in Burma during WW2

A period of 12 years of service is needed to get the Efficiency Medal (war time count for double if he was in the army before the war started). He received his EM between 1937 and 1948, probably received it shortly after WW2 at the latest. The EM Geo VI type 1 was issued before 1948.

Served in Malaya, probably between 1950-1953 (Geo VI type 2), and his GSM is a late issue (wide shoulder suspension), he was probably out of the army by then.

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