Private Cuthbert Look Haine

Private Cuthbert Look Haine served in the Canadian Field Artillery with the Canadian Expeditionary Forces during WW1. He is entitled to the British War Medal only, he never went to France and stayed only in United Kingdom

Born on May 29 th 1890 in Staunton Worcertershire, U. K.

Trade: carpenter     Religion: Presbyterian    Status: Single

Hair: black     Eyes: brown    Weight: 165lbs  Height: 5’8″

Name of the mother: Emma Haine

Address: 288 2 avenue Niagara Falls, Ontario

1901 : UK census : Listed as living with his family on a farm in Churcham, Gloucestire

Father : Edmund                  Mother : Emma

He had one sister Eva and three brothers Bruce, Howard and Percy

1908 : Immigrated to Canada

1910 Border Crossing card

1917 May 5th: Enlisted in Toronto, Ontario in 69th battery in Toronto, Canada

November 24th : Embarked on H.M.T. Megantic in Halifax. Arrived in England on December 7th

1918 : February 15th : Hospitalized at the 12th Canadian General Hospital for neuritis. Discharged on April 4th.

1919 : January 23rd : Hospitalized at the 1st London General Hospital (Myatt’s park). Discharged on February 6th.

July 23rd : Discharged in London and did not come back to Canada right after his discharge.

1921: Early May : Married Winnifred G Tomes in St-Giles parish, United Kingdom

May 7th : Sailed on SS Scandinavian from South Hampton, UK. Arrived in Quebec City

1922 : October 19th  : Left Canada to go living in Buffalo, USA. Listed as a carpenter

1933 : January 10th : Came back to Canada and listed as a salesman. He crossed at Niagara Falls, Ontario

1956 : Died in Ontario

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography

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