Private William Hancock

Private William Hancock served in the Army Hospital Corps. He is entitled to the South Africa medal 1877- 1879 with clasp 1879, the Egypt Medal with the clasp Tel-El-Kebir and the 1882 Khedive’s Star

He enlisted in the 100th Foot Regiment on August 7th 1873

He was transferred to the Army Hospital Corps on February 15th 1877

He was posted to the Cape on January 30th 1878

He was paid the General Depot at Pietermaritzburg from January 10th 1878 to November 30th of the same year.

He was posted to Utrecht

He received his pay via the 90th Light Infantry Regiment from November 1st 1878 until April 1st 1879

He served against the Zulus in 1879

He was back in United Kingdom on June 18th 1882 and served in Egypt in September of that year

He was discharged on August 6th 1885

Private William Hancock medals. His Egypt Medal is missing from the group. I would appreciate if anyone with information on the whereabouts of the medal could let me know.

William Hancock medals

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