Nursing Sister Sarah Ellen Garbutt

Nursing Sister Sarah Ellen Garbutt served in the Canadian Army Medical Corps during World War One. She served only in United Kingdom, so she is entitled only to the British War Medal.

She was born on May 14th, 1875

Religion : Methodist

She enlisted on April 3rd, 1917 in Kingston, Ontario.

She sailed from Halifax on May 29th and arrived in Liverpool, England on June 8th.

She was posted with the 16th Canadian General Hospital on arrival in uUnited Kingdom.

She was hospitalized at the Queen Alexandria Hospital (71 Saint Vincent) on June 27th, 1917.

She died from an abdomen cancer on August 20th, 1917 at the age of 42.

Her British War Medal was sent to her sister Esther Garbutt. Her Mémorial Plaque and Mémorial Scroll were sent to her brother Reverend John Garbutt 52 Simcoe Street, South Oshawa Ontario

No Memorial Cross issued since mother had preceded her.

She is buried at the Brookwood Military Cemetery, Surrey, United Kingdom, III. A. 15.

Picture of her gravestone

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  • Lorraine Courtenay  On 2014/01/26 at 08:57

    Please contact me about a WWI heritage project.
    Thank you

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