Captain Charles Edward McCloghry

Captain Charles Edward McCloghry served in the Royal Army Medical Corps during the military campaign in Palestine in 1939 and during World War Two

He is entitled to the General Service Medal with clasp Palestine, the Africa Star, the Defence Medal and the War Medal

He was born on November 11th 1912 in Rusheen, Irish Republic. He was the son of James Palmer McCloghry and Matilda McCloghry, of Ballincar, County Sligo, Irish Republic. His father was a veterinarian and he had a brother, Henry Palmer McCloghry.

He entered the Faculty of Medicine of the Belfast University in 1930.

He passed his 1st medical examination in March and June of 1932:

He passed his 2nd medical examination in June of 1933

December 1936: He passed his last medical examination and he graduated from the Faculty of Medicine and he received his Bachelor in the Art of Obstetrics (B.A.O.)

April 23rd, 1937: He enlisted as a Lieutenant in the Royal Army Medical Corps

From May 1st to September 31st he was on his Junior Course at RAMC College in London.

After his graduation from RAMC Medical College and before his service in Palestine, he served as medical officer at the medical reception station in Beverley, Leicester and York.

He left United Kingfom on September 23rd and arrived in Haifa, Palestine on November 22nd.

April 23rd, 1938: He was promoted Captain

He was admitted to hospital on September 14 and stayed there until the 21st. On September 28th he appeared before a medical board in Haifa and was found unfit for duty (50%). He proceeded to United Kingdom October 16th on sick leave for two months.

January 29th, 1939: He disembarked in Haifa, Palestine from the SS Montcalm. On arrival he was appointed as the medical officer of the 1st battalion Royal East Kent Regiment

August 19th: He was appointed medical officer for the West York Regiment in Sarafand, Palestine.

August 29th: He left Palestine for Egypt and was attached to the 3rd Cavalry Field Ambulance

October 6th: He was posted with the 3rd Cavalry Field Ambulance. The unit moved to Abbasia, Egypt on October 11th.

October 15th: He was attached to the 8th Hussars as the medical officer. He was with the regiment until December 18 and then transferred back to the 3rd Cavalry Field Ambulance.

March 3rd, 1940: He proceeded with the Indian Division for an exercise.

March 13th: He was admitted to hospital and was discharged on April 22nd.

March 29th: He was attached to the Rifles Brigade as a medical officer and was admitted to the 2nd Field Ambulance on June 11th and later transferred to the 5th General Hospital. He was found permanently unfit for service on July 1st and to United Kingdom on October 21st.

He died at the Renislow Hospital in Durban, South Africa on March 18th, 1941. He is buried in Stellawood Cemetery in Durban South Africa.

His WW2 medals were despatched to his family in February of 1949

He is commemorated on the Queen’s University (Ireland) War Memorial. The memorial is situated in front of the main University building in University Road, Belfast. He is also commemorated on page 77 of the electronic version of the Book of Remembrance of the University of Belfast.

Monument Belfast University

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

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  • Jackie  On 2015/04/16 at 18:48

    I have found Capt. C.E. Mc Cloghry to be a member of my family tree. He came from Rusheen, Riverstown, Co. Sligo. You can find his parents and brother on the 1911 Census for Ireland. The ‘Palmer’ is omitted. You may wish to amend the spelling of his homeplace from Ruslean. I appreciate the difficulty in transcription of unfamiliar place names.

  • Nelson  On 2015/04/16 at 19:41

    I made the change … thanks. Do you know if there is a picture of him somewhere that I could add here

  • Jackie  On 2017/05/12 at 19:15

    Sorry I do not know of any pictures of him or any of his family.

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