Lieutenant-Colonel George Johnston Stoney Archer

Lieutenant-Colonel George Johnston Stoney Archer, B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O. served in the Royal Army Medical Corps during the Boers’ War and World War One. He is entitled to the Queen’s South Africa Medal (clasps Cape Colony, Orange Free State and Transvaal), the King South Africa Medal (clasps South Africa 1901 and 1902), the 1914 Star, The British War Medal and the Victory Medal.

He was born in the no 3rd Ward in Dublin, Ireland on November 15th, 1875. His father George Thompson Archer and his mother Mary Elizabeth Stoney

He received his degree in medicine 1897 from the University of Dublin

He was promoted Lieutenant on July 27th, 1898 (London Gazette)

He married Ethel Mary Beauchamp on September 4th, 1899 in St-Stephen Parish, Dublin, Ireland. His address at the time was 4 Longfield Terrace North Circular Road. Together they will have four children.

During the Boers War he served with the 5th and 7th Stationary Hospital

He was promoted Captain in on July 27th, 1901 (London Gazette)

He was promoted Major on April 27th, 1910 (London Gazette)

He disembarked in France on August 19th, 1914.

He was promoted Lieutenant-Colonel on March 2nd, 1915 (London Gazette)

He was placed on the ill-heal list on December 23rd, 1920 and he retired on October 25th, 1921 due to his illness contracted while on service. (London Gazette)

In May of 1923, he applied for the Soldier Wound Badge and it was refused to him. This badge was given to soldiers who received wounds or illness during the war

On January 3rd, 1929 he left South Hampton, United Kingdom with his wife on the ship Johan de Wit for Batavia, Java. He is listed as a Lieutenant-Colonel (still). They came back to United Kingdom at the end of the month.

He also bought a piece on land in Gloucestershire in the same year

He died on November 5th 1955 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire leaving 27293 £.

If you know more information on this gentleman, please leave me message so I can add it to his small biography.

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